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Running your inhaler out.

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Has anyone else been shocked when they're reliever runs out quicker then usual? Normally it last me a month (2 puffs morning and night, and as needed in between) but I've managed to run it out in less then 3 weeks.....I didn't even notice I was using it so much! Has this happened to anyone else?

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Vampress, do you mean your reliever inhaler (as in ventolin)? Only usually if that much ventolin is required it would suggest your asthma is not controlled and you need to see your GP asap to see if your preventer medication needs to be changed.

If you do mean ventolin, as a general rule if asthma is properly controlled you should hardly ever need to use it.

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vampress in reply to MaggieHP

Yeah I mean ventolin. I realise that I need to see my asthma nurse so I'll be making an appointment tomorrow as the doctors where shut when I noticed this.

I've always had to take it twice day, along with my preventer, for the 17 years I've had asthma. I manage my asthma well with only 4 attacks in those years. I see my asthma nurse as soon as I notice changes. It's only in the last few years that I don't always notice straight away, I think because I get distracted with my other/newer conditions and the chronic pain.

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vampress in reply to vampress

Oh and I'm on montelukast tablets too. I know what's causing this, it's the cold snaps we're having. I just wanted to know I wasn't the only one who sometimes doesn't notice when it gets worse.

Yes, but if you find you are using more reliever than normal you should go back to Asthma Nurse or Dr. if possible keep a record of when you need it or are using it.


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vampress in reply to risabel59

Don't worry I'm making an appointment tomorrow. I should have mentioned that in my post.

No I hardly ever use my reliever and have spares anyway just incase

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vampress in reply to Chip_y2kuk

Oh I've always got spares. Thats not an issue. I was just wondering

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