Vocal cord dysfunction

Just had a thought ive been saying about vcd but never actually explained what it is it affects your vocal cords and when having a attack it feels like your breathing through a straw attacks can be brought on by sprays weather etc and it causes uncontrollable coughing and bteathlessness i also have gerd which causes coughing and breathing problems

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  • Hi. Can VCD be constant and long lasting or only happens in attack?

  • It varies at moment its constant ive been coughing and breathless for 8 weeks now hope that hels

  • Thanks hay, can it be constant as in 24/7 do you suffer any neck/muscle pain? Sorry for questions just trying to figure out what is going on with me as been having breathing difficulties and still under investigations x

  • Hi im hay133 but it wont send messages so ive done it on another account yes i get pain in back due to all coughing a camera will diagnose it

  • Describe how you feel

  • I don't have a cough more of a clearing throat constantly, tight upper neck. Back and shoulders tighten up and painful when my breathing is worst which is every late afternoon evening although inhalers help me but only last about an hour then the breathing is back to not good. It's not so much breathless it's like I have to breath so much harder in and can't fully exhale and my back neck and shoulder muscles are really sore.

  • Are sprays a problem

  • No I don't seem to have any triggers although I have taken a disliking to sprays/ cleaning products feels like they are really really strong. Iv been spraying my deodorant holding my breath and quickly leave the room but it's not like they bring on an attack or anything

  • Thats ok it just might mean thats not your trigger what about certain foods

  • I do t have any triggers that I know of it's just something I constantly have. Prob not VCD if that's only caused by triggers, the reason I wondered is because o seem to have some difficulties talking as if I need run out of air while taking and my voice often breaks

  • It could still be its worth having camera

  • Just had massive attack dont know why maybe your yhroats really irritated so your just randomly triggering i do cough alot though to the point i cant breath

  • Like you said very mirroring to asthma

  • Im hay 133 account didnt work

  • Hi I have spasmodic dysphonia which means my vocal chords spasm, so it makes it harder to speak and breathe. I also have g.o.r.d and asthma. I follow a strict diet to help me live with the gord and a speech therapist advised me to avoid lactose only drink decaffeinated tea coffee and avoid menthol. My voice was only working 80% normally, then one day I was trying to speak when I put my hand on my throat and very very gently massaged it and I could speak since then when my voice goes I just gently massage were m vocal chords are. I don't know if his would help you but I have to be very careful as sometimes it can make hem sore so I just croak again like a frog hope you can make sense of this as some of the words are wrong and I am to bone idle to retype it . Good luck we croakies have to stick together lol 😘

  • Since my last post voice gone cannot get it back , throat sore Guess it's one of those days boo boo 😥

  • Hay, vocal cord disfunction is caused by the inhaler of the cortisone type

  • What inhalers as i originally was given inhalers as they thought it was asthma im interested in your view

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