Chronic Asthmatic here

Just read the interaction between Hayley and Sarah about thier asthma issues. Just want to add my sympathy to Hayley loosing her dad and being an asthma suffering like so many of us now. I won't bore you with my symptoms but for 3 years I have a repeat prescription of three inhalers and four different pills the take twice or once a day. Doctors have never figured out how my smaller airways have hardened preventing me breathing normally. As Sarah mentioned I too suffer increased problems when I get a chest infection when my peak breathing results drop from the best I achieve of 450 down to 300 and doctor has said that if it dropped to 250 I have to have a course of doxicilin and prednisolone.

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  • Thankyou geoff what can they do for your airways ive never heard of that

  • Nothing - apart from stabilise with inhalers and pills. Once the airways which are only mm wide harden they are unlikely to revert to their normal flexibility. I am 67, just retired and was very fit, a regular jogger until five years ago. In fact, I had regular BUPA health check through work and I was told between the ages of 58 to 62 I had the lungs of a 35 years old, so it's strange how it all went wrong so quickly. OK in my 20s I smoked say 10 a day but gave up at 30 when my wife was pregnant. I am getting over the third chest infection in 6 weeks right now, but I still go to the gym but can only powerwalk and use weights now. I use to run on the treadmill for 5kms.

  • You sound a strong person i dont think smoking causes all these conditions ive never smoked

  • Hi Geoff just wanna say your doing really well my biggest trigger is the dust and cleaning products which I have reduced since finding out I have asthma I think if you can find out what ur triggers are it does help a little x

  • Hello Sarahjane. Thanks for responding. Interesting it's house dust etc that triggers your asthma but that sounds more like allergies. Mine is a permanent COPD as called with the smaller airways hardened and inflamed leading to irritation coughing and a lot of mucus when I have a chest infection as now. Roll on the warmer weather. Regards Geoff x

  • Yes Geoff I have allergies my daughter has the same so am just trying to keep on top of everything that sets it off and your right roll on the warm weather

  • Hi Geoff, 2.5 yrs ago I had been told lungs of 35yr old. I was always active too. Never smoked. Now take a shed load of inhalers, tablets, nebuliser x 4a day for brittle asthma. I'm 58. And was working until last July. Crazy how things can change so so quickly. Keep your chin up and it's nice to say hello. Remain as well as you possibly can.

    I would be lost without this site

  • Thanks for your response, Olivia. Our health histories are virtually identical. These events can get you down having been fit and healthy all your life. I began by thinking I was alone with this unexplained condition and how did it manifest itself, but of course we adapt and have to be positive and manage the condition. So good to be able to discuss these matters with others. This is such a good platform to be able to do so. Let's keep taking the "puffers" and pills and keep smiling. Best regards Geoff

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