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Advice appreciated

Hello people 😬

Didn't know a site like this existed so am very happy to see posts that relate a little to what I'm experiencing at the minute.

I have never been diagnosed with asthma although I have had breathing troubles since I was in my early twenties , I'm now 52🤔

I have tried numerous inhalers and two years ago I ended up in hospital having exacerbated and they adviced me that my crp levels were too high and my ECG was all over the place?

They said I would need another ECG and gave me doxys and preds to help.

I was never given another ECG or offered one and that was three years ago. Since then I have been just using flixotide with my normal blue ventolin. Every time I see my gp advising him that I can't breath and that every day I cough up green phlem , often with blood streaks in it at least twice a day, sometimes more but all they say is ! Your chest is clear and your oxygen levels are fine.

My sister is an advanced nurse practitioner in copd and has told me to ask for a chest X-ray and a spirometer test but I know they will just shrug me off. Can I ask for this privately. They either tell me to try another inhaler etc etc but I have tried fostair and many others.

Trouble is I don't like to cause anyone any problems but this coughing up phlem every day is getting me low and because I work full time , and see patients myself , when I speak on the phone to them I end of losing my voice or my voice becomes hoarse and I can't get my breathe properly.

Any advice would be great fully appreciated.


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Also I am always short of breath 😳


I agree with your sister. Chest x-ray, spirometry, sputum samples, etc. should be the starting point. When you say you know they will shrug you off...if you don't ask you don't get! And if they refuse it might be time to find a new GP.

If you have green, blood-streaked sputum it seems to border on negligence not to get that tested.


Thank you for your reply . I have app for Friday and will ask for further tests


Hi coughing up green is a sign of infection push them harder if not I would definitely change gp good luck x


Coughing up green stuff is a sign of infection id keep going docs everyday if you need too thats how i got results after four years of beating my head off the wall otherwise change doctors i hope you get it sorted coughing is dreadful

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You have my sympathy. I am 53 & was diagnosed with asthma in October 2015. Although in comparison to others on this forum I am fairly well controlled, I still have a productive cough- green gunk usually- in between chest infections! I had a chest x-ray last year which was clear which I find hard to understand, but I asked my GP for a pot for a sputum sample so at least it's to hand now when needed, (I have just finished two courses of antibiotics and am now on a tapering dose of steroids to clear my second chest infection since Christmas so at present the yukky cough gas almost gone but I know it's just biding its time before making yet another appearance!) Like you I also go hoarse when talking to folks for a period of time and as I work on a care for the elderly ward it makes things rather difficult as I have to repeat myself a lot :-/ As others have suggested I would ask for further investigations- a chest x-ray and sputum sample at the very least, although I do understand what you say about not wanting to be a nuisance as that's how I feel too, but you need to ask for help. Take care, Flossie


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