So so so fed up

Hi everyone, I truly hope everyone is doing ok. I am so down today as I took a blooming massive asthma attack while in a store. First aider, doctor, the works. It's settled reasonably well now but has left me exhausted and feeling really upset. Everyone was really lovely. I only got to one shop to look for an outfit for my sons wedding in April. Laid up in bed now drained and wondering what next?

Sorry it's just I need to moan as I live a lone. Remain blessed and as well as possible x

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  • Sounds like you have had a really tough day. Look after yourself and allow yourself time to recover. Do you have an asthma nurse to check in with tomorrow to see how you are doing? If your asthma flares up overnight make sure to get medical help.

    I always feel really wobbly after a big flare up. Hope that you feel much better soon xxx

  • Hi Emily, I still feel really weak and like hit with herd of elephants. I will go to my gp in the morning. If I take bad through the night it will be 999. Drained and on settee since early afternoon and very 'wobbly'

    Thank you for responding x

  • Hi olivia hope ur feeling better soon plenty of rest x

  • Hi, I am feeling much much better now. Jeez it just knocks you off your feet.

    Remain blessed and as well as possible x

  • Hope your feeling better your entitled to moan we all get down

  • Thanks. Worst is over. Just had to give into the exhaustion.

    Remain well

  • Thanks you too

  • I hope you start to feel better soon.

    Rest up and take very great care

  • Keep resting because you are Mother of the Groom a VIP . Just be very kind to yourself lots of gentle hugs 😘

  • Awe thanks. Haven't been able to ,one of settee all day. But I'm ok. Thank you and gentle hugs to you x

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