What happen if I don't take my asthma pump and I got asthma and how long can go without taking my pumps before go into asthma attack what symptoms could u please tell me and I cold is that because haven't took my pumps and my pulse and blood pressure fine but I haven't took my pumps for 7 days I got nurse tomorrow what will she do when I tell her I can't take my asthma pumps

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  • Just tell her the truth and how you feel..don't worry she must find a solution for you xx

  • I hope so as I going tell her since I feel bruised my ribs bad haven't been able to take asthma pumps be 8 days tomorrow as can't hold breath long enough to take them as it hurts my ribs and my heart bit slow but if she say u have take them then I don't no what she going do as can't take pumps whem will I have asthma attack will I as it been 8 days my chest tight breathless so is that me having asthma attack but don't no and my pulse blood pressure fine yet can't take pumps so that weird

  • I know you have had a tough time..good luck for tomorrow xx

  • I can't take my pumps so my asthma nurse have to give me something by law right till can take my inhalers again when ribs healed

  • I took this from the link I put up for you. I presume you haven't been able to read it yet.

    'What are the symptoms of an Asthma attack?

    Every 10 seconds someone in the UK is having a potentially life-threatening asthma attack.

    So what are the warning signs?

    ◾The sufferer’s reliever inhaler isn’t helping.

    ◾Their symptoms are getting worse (cough, breathlessness, wheeze or tight chest)

    ◾They’re too breathless or it’s difficult to speak, eat or sleep

    ◾Their breathing is getting faster and they feel like they can't breathe in properly

  • Well I can't take my asthma pumps anyway so I can't sleep proper at night don't get to sleep till about 2pm then get up 11am

  • Ask your nurse for a spacer divice - it is easier to breathe inhalers in with them. If you can't breath or think you are having an asthma attack and can't take your pump, you should get emergency help.

  • I seeing my asthma nurse tomorrow morning to tell her since I feel bruised my ribs I not been able to take my pumps as hurt when breath in and she have to give me something won't she as I can't take pumps till ribs healed

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