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Just seen on the news the A&E problems in Blackburn reflected by most A & E,s in the country. How about writing to our M.P. to urge Parliament to put a tax on all sugar not just sugary drinks and pledge the money raised to bridge the chronic underfunding currently in the N.H.S. Also to educate our starving masses that junk food only promotes disease, and eating things like porridge; veg ; fruit & oily fish doesn,t cost a fortune and is much better use of their money than spending £50 on scratch cards and smoking. Am I being controversial / politically incorrect or is it just common-sense?

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  • It is just common-sense & paying more income tax would be too. I am old enough to remember paying 33p or 35p in the pound (can't remember which) income tax at basic rate at a time when mortgages were at 17%. In those days more married women stayed at home & were able to look after elderly relatives too. I'm not saying women shouldn't work now, but it's obvious that these older people need caring for somehow.

  • Well men can make good carers too you know. And not every man earns more than a woman does!

  • I agree completely but in those days that's how it was!

  • I think it's a myth to say that people spend all that money on scratch cards and smoking and that is why they don't eat healthily.

    The reason (and I am speaking from experience as have little money) is that junk food tends to be cheaper than healthy food and the main priority when you are poor is to fill yourself up so you are not hungry... Veg doesn't fill you up much and fish can be expensive. I guess it depends on your definition of poverty.

  • Actually no, that is not always true. What is much more true is that because of ready meals and the lack of cookery classes at school most of a generation (possibly two generations) do not know how to prepare a meal from raw ingredients and have no idea how to make a little go a long way. Others do know, but will say that it takes time and effort; ready meals or takeaways are quicker - they are seldom cheaper.

    When my eldest son was at university (and on a very tight budget) he would buy the cheaper cuts of meal (liver, for example) or would look for special offers. A chicken on special offer, for example, was cheap and would make four meals: Roast chicken first, then left over chicken could be had with pasta, made in to a casserole with carrots, onion and mushrooms, or had cold with salad and potatoes. Four meals for a lad with a very healthy appetite (he was also a cross country runner) Someone with a more sedentary lifestyle might get chicken sandwiches out of it as well:-).

  • That is true as well. I will tell you a very cheap meal - a jacket potato with baked beans. It would cost around 50p. Less if you buy the tinned potatoes (enough for 2 helpings from Tesco for around 20p).

    I buy frozen veg which is better for me coz depression makes me less likely to cook and it keeps longer. Apparently it's just as good for you as fresh. As for fruit I buy what's in season. Bananas are cheap but I never pay £2 for a punnet of grapes. I wait for special offers. I love strawberries and blueberries (all fruit actually) but they are expensive.

    Don't forget there are plenty of households these days which consist of 1 person.. When you are working you get tired and it's not always easy to find the motivation or energy to cook properly for yourself.. Often this is also the case in family households where both parents work, but are paying high rents/mortgages and in low paid, insecure work. x

  • How long does it take to knock up a stir fry or cook macaroni cheese? Half an hour tops I think you'll find. With macaroni cheese you could also add a few cooked carrots or peas to the mix. Or maybe some of the frozen veg you mention. You wouldn't need to use much cheese for a single person. Cheap, easy and quick.

    Make your own ready meals. Cook meals at weekends ahead of the week and then freeze - this works particularly well with stews or casseroles where you can use cheaper cuts of meat. That's what my working mother used to do; it's also what we do sometimes.

  • Veg don't fill you up? That depends on how you prepare them. I have a recipe for vegetable crumble that is very filling - it's also very tasty!

  • Protein is best for filling you up like eggs, cheese, meat and fish etc. These tend to be expensive, though eggs aren't.

  • Meat isn't expensive if you are prepared to look at the cheaper cuts of meat, or check for specials offer. Nor do you need to use as much meat in a meal as many people do these days. How do you suppose people coped in WW2 when rationing was imposed? Not much meat allowed per household then and the population as a whole was considered extremely healthy on that diet. No problems with obesity then either.

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