My 5 year old still suffering!!

Hi everyone, my 5 year old has had cold which triggered his asthma again! He has been struggling, and on Friday just finished the 5 days of steroids. He is fine during the day but at night, lying down, he is constantly coughing and almost sick. I was advised to give him piriton incase an allergy is causing the asthma to be worse, but doesn't seem to be helping! He has a preventor which he has twice on a morning and night plus his reliever when needed. Am I worrying about nothing??? Anyone else experienced this?? I'm thinking of making an appointment with the asthma nurse, ASAP, as he's been referred to a respiratory specialist but the appointment is April!!! Any advice would be great, thanks x

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  • Poor we man. Yes I'd get appointment at Practice. Does he lie flat at night? Maybe more upright would help.

  • I agree with QuietChest , back to the Asthma Nurse, and prop up on pillows at night. Every morning, fling the duvet off to air the bed, and open a window (if not already got air coming in), to freshen the air, and annoy the house dust mite as they love warm and moist. Get rid of any wool or feathers in the bedroom as they are well known irritants. Don't use aerosols or strong smelling perfumes in the room. Check the air is not too dry or moist (get a battery clock which shows time, temperature, and humidity - commonly known as a weather station). Try to keep humidity loosely around 40. When he has a coughing fit, ask him to raise both his arms above his head. Think that is all I can suggest for now.

  • He needs to sleep propped up - almost sitting up - in a kind of armchair made of pillows, and unless it is really freezing cold, have a window open, if only a bit. Above all, don't panic! I think you should talk to the asthma nurse to reassure you that he will get better, and you will learn to manage his condition. You know that children sense feelings better than adults, so you won't be able to hide anxiety from him. Be calm, and he will have confidence that all will be ok in the end.

    I do know this is easier said than done, but it can be done!

  • Thanks for your help everyone! He is sleeping, practically sitting up! I've booked an appointment on Wednesday with the asthma nurse. He isn't really phased by it, which is a good thing, but he's quite tired the next day! Some good tips, I will try anything! Thanks again xx

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