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Seeing asthma nurse on 7th Feb 2017 in clacton north road surgery her name Michelle

Hi there going see my asthma nurse on 7th Feb 2017 to tell her that I haven't been able to take my asthma pumps for a while now since fractured my ribs will she give me a nebulizer as I can't take my pumps till my ribs better so hope she don't ask me to because I won't be able to because it hurts my ribs when breath in deep which have to when take pumps I been 5 days without pumps I on blue Ventolin salbutomal and relvra ellipta 92/22mcg strength yellow am I at risk of asthma attack because I can't take my pumps yet and I'm little short of breath but when I check my pulse rate it fine yet I haven't been able to take my pumps why is that why ant I feeling weird for I thought I'm meant to as can't take pumps if walk to fat get dizzy start losing balance even when I took my pumps when will I have asthma attack how much more days will I tomorrow or what as it been 5 days now what signs of asthma attack I'm 22 but being on relvra ellipta 92/22mcg pump is that for copd or what can u tell me thanks

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Hi it's never a good idea to put your private information on a public site. You can pm/email someone you trust with it but not on here.

Did you see that link I put in Maggies post? I referred you to it. You need to read it as, among other things, it tells what the signs of an asthma attack are. It's no good keep asking us the same question over and over when we have already advised you.


Can u send it again as that was on other phone died on me


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