Good morning everyone hope u all well and had a good night I awake most of night yet again , chest tight and had loads nebs got horrible feeling I either have another infection or the same one been coughing up thick green phlegm again and coughing well c the doc this morning on rounds the big ones around this morning had new canula fitted again at 5.30 as the other one blue this is my 5th one already have a good day

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  • Tracey, what is a canula? So sorry to hear you are not doing better.

    Hope you can rest later today 😘

  • A iv needle when u need drugs into the vain with the drip bags etc

  • Tracey, oh, okay, so sorry, had when they they have to start a new one, unless you are lucky enough to get someone that is good putting those in . 😘

  • Going to c what the bloods say

  • X-ray done

  • Take care Tracy. I hope they come up with some answers on ward rounds. Thinking of you.

  • Yea me to i'm starting to give up now fed up with it all

  • I know what you mean. Please don't give up.

  • Hi Tracy I hope and pray the nhs can put you right again.

  • Thanks x

  • I hope you feel better soon Tracey! I am on my second bout of antibiotics an I don't feel like I am getting any better. I hope to be proved wrong though. :-(

  • Oh Tracey you must be so fed up, I'm sorry that you aren't feeling any better.

    I hope things improve for you soon.

  • How are you this morning Tracey?

  • Wheezing still got another infection but on antibiotics but there government bt me a banging headache just seen doc said still wheezing but that's going to take time

  • Home Monday and back to London rbh on 13th for 10 days

  • That's brilliant! Bet you can't wait to go home. At least you will have some time to sort yourself out before you are back in hodputal. Take care xxxxx

  • take care Tracey I bet you are fed up..I hope the antibiotics iv will help to clear the infection and that you will have a better night xx

  • Hi got the infection in the tubes there saying but the antibiotics they have given me has made me have a bad headache all day felt like my head going to explode been led down most of the day hope u doing ok x

  • Awful..make sure you drink plenty of ask the nurse for headache pain killers..Well I feel my lungs are not too good at the moment, winter doesn't agree with me. I have to keep on going to hospital to see how Dad is doing so I am worn out. If the nebs are not working I will go back to the doctor.

    Take care Tracey hope you have a good night sleep xx

  • Oh no hope ur dad ok u take care x

  • Thank you, he is elderly so not easy xx

  • Oh i'm sorry bless him must b hard with u being ill urself u take care of urself x

  • Thank you for your kind words Tracey, you take care of yourself tooxx

  • Hi Tracey, you do seem to be having a brutal time of it.

    Have been able to try any of the new treatments that are coming out? Or get on any of the trials

    I do so feel for you, and do hope that things calm down a bit for you soon. It must be so boring to be spending so much time in hospital. Do you have a vlog? Or a blog? I think people would find it interesting.

    With hugs


  • Good morning hope u doing ok yea I hate living in hospital home tomorrow all being well then back in London hospital on 13th for 10 days then who knows after that hopefully home just had 18 tablets to start the day 10 of them were the steriods but need them u take care x

  • I'm on the lists for the new drug but got tonher my ago levels right first

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