Good morning hope everyone well, me stuck in this hospital bed still not sure when going had bad few days again yesterday was bad by the evening was on lots nebulisers and over night seen docs yesterday still worried as i'm using. End at night 3-4 times and 6-8 and more in day so trying to ween them off a bit the hydrocortisone still going through on iv jistvwhen I think starting to get better I dip peakflow went up to 300 now back down 150-200 doc not going to b happy when I c them today had bad day yesterday and not great night but I will get there London r going to postpone my admission to march now as been in here and said I need a break well that's my rant and news have a good day

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  • Hope things keep improving Tracey and you start to feel a lot better soon. At least you are in the best place as it is cold and wet outside. Not very good for asthma sufferers. Take care. Love and hugs xxxx

  • Hi just seen doc looks like i'm here till Monday going to have the hydrocortisone another 24 hours then tomorrow change to steriods c how we get on to c if I can manage or crash

  • Good luck Tracey and hope all goes well. Let us know xxxx

  • Hi should b going home on Monday all being well got to c if I can manage on the steroids hope u ok take care x

  • I don't know if I miss any posts from you over the last few days, but I was worried that I hadn't seen any. I am so sorry that you are still having all this trouble. I am so relived to hear from you.

  • I know I was worried to. We all care which is so lovely xxx

  • Hope it goes ok tomorrow with the steroids, scary time. Am thinking of you and hoping you improve soon - take care xxx

  • I do hope you start to feel better soon Tracey.

    Take very great care.

    God Bless and heal Tracey.

  • Having a bad day today just walked to day room with the counceling lady and I couldn't breathe and only down corridor doc worried going c me again in morning to c if she can think of anything else to try feel so out of breath and nebs not doing a lot spoke to gang in London and they want me up there on the 13th still for 10days c if they can make something happen hope everyone doing ok

  • It must be so scary for you. There must be something out there to help you. Maybe lung transplant next! Nice new pair of lungs xxxx

  • No can't do a transplant we been down that road already as it's my bronchial tube and that's the main one to risky nothing out there they have said apart from hospital all the time x

  • Try and keep cheerful which I know you have been doing. You are coping brilliantly with all of this far more than I ever would. Take care and lots of love xxxx

  • Oh believe me I've had bad days

  • Not as brave as everyone thinks I mask a lot the doc says that a lot x

  • Morning Tracey. How was your night? Hope you are having plenty of visitors to help you through all of this? I am sure all of us here would visit you if we were closer to support you. Take care and keep in touch. Lots of love Karen xxxx

  • Hi night not great lots nebs and hardly any sleep for visitors today one is my oldest boy hope I doing ok x

  • Try and get plenty of rest today if you can so you can enjoy seeing your son. Take lots of care xxxxx

  • This sounds awful Tracey. I hope you are feeling better very soon and can get out of that hospital and back home. Your asthma must be very severe. Take care. x

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