Newbie needing help please?!


I'm fairly new to the world of asthma having only been recently diagnosed. This is gonna sound like a really stupid question but.......l have a horrible cough (virus thanks to my kids!) and l keep getting an overwhelming feeling of being unable to breath. I don't get any associated tightness on my chest and l don't wheeze (never have done), l just feel like l'm suffocating. Is this an asthma attack or just the effect of the cold? I have a treatment inhaler which eases the feelings briefly but not for more than about 10 mins max. I also use a preventer inhaler morning and night.

Any advice gratefully received

Many thanks

S x

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  • Hi there are no stupid questions, only answers, so go ahead and ask anything you want. It might be a good idea to read up about asthma on recognised sites eg the NHS and here. Don't google indiscriminately though as you will hear all sorts of horror stories.

    The answer to your question is that yes you will suffer more with colds if you have any lung problems. I have mild asthma and mild/moderate copd and I was told to double up on my preventers if I get a cold. Don't do this though without medical advice. Why not ring up your doctor/asthma nurse and ask them?

    If you look on Youtube you will see lots of breathing exercises for asthma. This will help you when you are extra breathless. However if you can't get your breathing under control after a while even when using your inhalers don't be afraid to go to A and E. Severe asthma attacks can be very serious.

    I hope this helps a bit. x

    Ps when you go out in this cold weather use a loose scarf round your nose and mouth and this should help too. Dust mites are also a common trigger so wash all your bedding and towels in at least 60 degrees to kill them. x

  • Thank you so much.........wish l could ask my gp/asthma nurse but we currently have a 2-3 week wait on gp appointments and a minimum of 6 week wait to see the asthma nurse!

    Everything was going great until l picked up this stupid cough virus thing!

    Thanks again x

  • Hi you probably won't need an appointment just a call back. I am sure one of the doctors or the nurse will be able to call you.

    Also have a look at Maggies post put up an hour ago. I put in a link on there about asthma. x

  • In your boat right now - round 2 of a virus I picked up over Christmas and round 2 of antibiotics. So . To add to advice steady given, use steam. I have a steamer cup I bought at chemist but your head over a bowl with hot water and a towel over your head will suffice. Steam unclog's airways and helps you breathe.

  • Hi iam still getting used to having asthma . I was hospitalized last year .And this week had to go to a& e who were very good got me on a nebuliser straight away.Gp advised me of a wait to see asthma nurse asked to speak with asthma nurse as i have been so ill got an appoinment straight away .If you are an emergency the will see you sooner if you cant breath it is an emergency please dont take no for an answer.

  • Could be anxiety caused by the fear of an attack, I was rushed to hospital once thinking I was having a bad one and it turned out to be a panic attack. Don't ignore it though, if it is this I've been on meds for three years now to prevent them, mine seemed like asthma (I have very bad asthma) and taking ventolin would help for a short time then it would come back. Speak to your GP or asthma nurse. Learn some breathing exercise too they help either way. ... good luck

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