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Why does my heart rate and blood pressure seem Fine done it with wrist monitor for when i havent Took my pumps in 3 days chest feel discomfort feeling and heart seem slow feel weak dizzy breathless is that all signs of asthma attack or what and sometimes see starts in my eyes i never had asthma attack so dont no when i am having one what else Could happen if dont take pumps i cant Take pumps till i see nurse not till 7th august and unbalanced when walking after a while and There nothing can do yet what do u think my asthma nurse do as cant Take pumps yet because my ribs hurt Wont have enough breath to blow for her my blood pressure 129/77 pulse 85 i hurt my shoulder when slipped as Well right shoulder hurt sometimes can hardly move it and hurts when dont move it and my elbow hurts when touch it and when it touch stuff think it fractured it if it is what do u think they do do u think it fractured can have asthma attack when just sitting There i scared as dont no when I am having asthma attack and when i do There nothing Can do as cant take pump as my ribs hurt cant hold breath Long enough do they give me oxygen for now till can Take pumps again please get back to me help me i scared i dont want to die

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Hi we have been helping you in your post where you got 18 replies. It sounds like you are so panicked that can't take in what we have said to you. I am at a loss to know what to say to you now as there is no further advice we can give. All I can say is try and calm yourself down a bit and then re read all the replies.

If you are that worried ring up the NHS helpline or get yourself to A and E. Do you have a friend or relative you can turn to for help? There is only so much we can do online.

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