Prepayment prescription certificate confusion!!!

Hi folks. I have just been prescribed further abx and steroids as my chest infection won't clear, so I pootled off to my local pharmacy to hand the prescriptions in. The person who was dealing with me said that the PPC was only valid for the prescriptions given today and that I couldn't use the PPC for a prescription for steroids from last week which I didn't collect as I was using an emergency pack I had at home first. That sounds wrong- can anyone advise?

Also, my ward manager insists I call her virtually every day I've been off sick, (I have had a fit note since Monday of this week), do I have to do that? It seems a bit over the top, especially as I'm now signed off till 13th, I don't want to have to call in all the time simply to tell her I won't be in...

Take care, Flossie :-)

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  • Hi Flossie I found a link for the prepayment...

  • Regarding the sickness certificate it depends of your internal policy, do you still have your contract. Yes it sounds abusive but I would check the sickness policy first or ask your rep.

  • Thanks Fran! I will check that out shortly :-)

    Are you keeping any better? xx

  • Yes thank you plodding on 😊

  • When was your PPC valid from?

  • Hi MaggieHP. It was valid from the day I saw my GP- yesterday. The other card expired a few days ago. I showed the person at the pharmacy the id number on the email I received which she was happy with. I never have enough spare cash to buy a yearly PPC one which would probably save money and a lot of hassle! I had hoped to spin out the length of time between ordering a replacement card but unfortunately my lungs conspired against me this time!

  • Ah, that might well explain the problem you've had. If something was prescribed between cards it quite probably wouldn't be covered by the scheme.

  • For future reference when you apply for one late you can backdate it by one month. This means that if you have requested prescriptions in that period you can then claim a refund for them.

  • To save any hassle in the future I think I might try to save my pennies and get an annual PPC instead... Thanks for your advice :-)

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