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Can anyone relate, or help please? My 5 year old son has asthma, and its usually brought on by him catching a cold. This time though, he has been given steroids, as usual, but he's still coughing/short of breath but mostly at night time/early morning. He struggles to breathe and Sunday night actually stopped breathing for a few seconds!! He is also very sick, complains of pains in his belly button then gets a hot flush, then is usually slightly better! Drs think it may be allergy related, but I'm not too sure! He has a preventor, which he takes every morning and night, and a reliever, which actually doesn't seem to be helping this time! Please help! Xx

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  • It may very well be allergy-related just that you haven't yet worked out what yet. The overwhelming majority of childhood asthma cases are atopic (caused by allergies). However, right now you need to tackle the immediate problem. Have you seen a medic since he stopped breathing? If not, you must, and make sure they understand what happened and give you very clear advice (or refer you to someone who can) on what to do should that happen again.

    If you can't get help immediately, I would honestly present him at A&E, or even dial 999 if you think his breathing is endangering him. Don't mess around; the hospital will understand & probably put him on oxygen.

  • Hi there, thanks for replying! I did go to the Doctors with him yesterday, and explained what has happened. He was then given steroids. When he's had steroids before, he is usually much better by second day, but not this time! I'm concerned theres something more to it! I'm not sure if it's normal for asthmatics to be throwing up this much? His reliever helps slightly better during day, but not really at night!

  • Children with asthma can get very sick. I did & I saw my son do likewise. He may have a virus as well. However the main priority at this stage has to be his breathing & making sure he is getting enough air in. Better safe than sorry where children are concerned.

  • It's horrible to see someone like that! I feel really sorry for people who have to live with it! He's had a few doctors say his chest sounds clear so he should be ok! But I know he isn't, because it gets to night time and he's the same! He's been referred to a respiratory specialist but prob take a while for appointment. Someone mentioned about GERD but not too sure, I've read up on it. Thanks agin for your advice xx

  • My wife suffers with something similar to GERD & yes it can cause a chronic cough. I don't know how common it is in children though. The specialist will give you a clearer idea & as he grows older also the tests will be more useful & reliable. But for now, assume asthma as you'll get a faster response from 999 if you think his breathing is poor. As I said...don't mess about.

  • hi there, it might be a lying-down thing if reflux is suspected - I know in adults lying on one's left side reduces symptoms because of the shape of the stomach. Otherwise, or in addition, other factors at night such as sleeping environment (fungus bloom with weather change; dust mites/ loose fibres in bedding; passive fumes from neighbours smoking/ recent decorating/ exhaust particles from nearby road; other allergens). Or typical meal type/time (retiring too soon after eating even). Once the airways are inflamed they can be unusually sensitive to things and may seem to clear-up during the day because of being out in the air. Has he been seen at home by a doctor, and when symptomatic? I hope things improve soon, it is very right to pursue definite diagnoses and to get the right help with this condition. It seems apparent to me that asthma is a condition that may have many overlapping factors that differ between sufferers.

    hope this helps.

  • Yes, I will be straight on to 999, better to be safe than sorry! Thanks xx

  • Good luck & I hope he soon feels well again :-)

  • I am not sure but I had an infection a few weeks ago and I was in the position of the same as your son, if had a cold this may have caused an infection in the lungs making it very hard for him to breathe, he maybe also suffering from Hyperventilation due to him struggling to breathe, Hyperventilation can triiger attacks of asthma and would suffer aload of unpleasant symptoms breathlessness is one such symptom, the heart will beat faster because your son is breathing faster, at the worse your son could faint , or just collapse due to the. Heart rate, you really need to call 999 and get him into A&E to confirm , if it a case of Hyperventilation the Hospital will not treat until the Hyperventilation is back under control if Hospital did treat him while Hyperventilating it would make the Attack worse, but don't delay call 999 now

  • Have u got him tested for gerd as if its severe it can cause belly ache and coughing if u wanted to see if it was try him on gaviscon

  • Thank you all for your help, I've been back to hospital with him again this morning, dr has told me to give him piriton, as she thinks it might be an allergy making his asthma worse! I'm also going to keep a peek flow chart! I'm just concerned, because at hospital he appears much better than at home, so not sure they getting the full picture!

  • A lot of "triggers" are in the home.

    especially in the bedroom, Bio-washing powder/tablets are a well known irritant and as my daughter started washing my clothes with Bio washing powder/tablets, (as I am 79 years old.) and I got a chest infection which triggered my asthma. I ended up in hospital

    My grandson also suffers from asthma. My daughter now uses Non-Bio powders/tablets in her machine.

    Also I have bought a "Air Purifier" and use it in my bedroom, my asthma very quickly cleared up and my breathing is clear without any blocked nose when I wake up after a very good night sleep.

    I have now bought an Air Purifier for my grandson.

    I hope this information helps.

  • Thank you for your help, an air purifier sounds like a good idea! Such a horrible condition to have! Thanks again xx

  • Go back to gp ask if they have an asthma nurse hope this helps x

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