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Asthma and steroids

Normally my type 2 diabeties is controlled on Juvinia it stays perfect 97 to 125 all the time but on steroids which I have to take a lot for asthma / COPD. Shots it up to the 400s. I can tell everytime it's up I have trouble see my head hurts like crazy get sweaty all the good stuff. It's always up in 250s or the 300s so dr gave me a insulin pen to use when it's up like that on a sliding scale . I usually check it before I take steroids then eat wait 35 to 40 minutes when it feels like it's up and check it it's usually up I take a shot According to the sliding scale the wait. But usually goes up in the middle of the night at about 3:30 and I have to check it it's usually 275 to 300 and I tak a shot Check it again in the morning at 8;00 then it's fine I take my regular med and start the process over. I hope I'm doing the right way it'd the way the hospital did it when I have been in there so many times

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It is one of the side effects of taking the rescue steriod prednisone that it can raise your blood sugar. It does this to me and I not diabetic when I have been on a short course of these tablets. I don't understand what your reading mean but if you look at the leaflet that comes with this drug this side effect is listed and what to do if you are diabetic.

I only found out myself when my urine was dip tested for a possible urinary infection while taking it after my first ever asthma attack 15 months ago. It was very high and made my doctor ring me immediately and told me to stop taking the predisolone. Two days later had a blood test back to normal.

Hope this reassures you. Remember I no expert and neither is anyone on this forum. If in doubt go to the doctor.


I am asthmatic and have been on oral steroids constantly since 1991 and am also type 2 diabetic on insulin, Lantus twice a day and Novorapid before meals. My last Hb1aC was 8.1 (UK) which I was quite pleased with as have had to put steroids up on quite a few occasions (normal maintenance is 20mg). In some ways it is easier to control being on insulin as I test before I eat, and if necessary can alter my normal dose of insulin to suit. Steroids affect so many things but without them I would not be here now


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