Just need to vent somewhere....asthma SUCKS! Lol sorry, have just had beyond enough tonight. I'm sure there are some of you suffering more than me right now but, oh to be able to breathe, to rip out this ball of pain from my chest, to stop this horrendous cough that absolutely does NOT mix with a prolapse....sorry guys....


Thanks for listening to my pity post!

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  • Hi dreoilin, rant away for what you said is all true. Asthma does suck. It doesn't matter if any of us is or isn't worse. Truth is we all know what it feels like. keep your chin up and 🀞 you will find some ease. Remain blessed and ...breathing! X

  • You have forgotten you are better than unicorns and chocolate combined 😘

  • I will particularly remember this next time!

  • Bless you! I feel exactly the same as you quite often - the "why me" syndrome. It is certainly hard but somehow we get the strength to carry on xxx

  • Oh I wish I could help! Yes, it does SUCK!!

  • You rant all you like. Actually, yelling is quite good for your lungs!

  • Yes it does!

  • Totally agree!! Take care

  • Sounds like you are having a tough time,I hope the pain will settle down. Phone the helpline, go to A&E, pester your GP..^^ Take care xx

  • Thank you all! I am feeling the love. Just what I needed after a day at work (I talk all day long - only had an outright attack in front of one person today - that's a good day for me at the mo!).


    PS I never say something sucks - I am a 34yr old Irish girl not an American teenager - but it just seemed to epitomise the moment!

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