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Unpredictable asthma


I was in hospital 3 months ago with pneumonia & exacerbation of asthma requiring IV antibiotics, nebs, steroids etc.

Before this my asthma was well controlled but since I was ill it is so unpredictable & is triggered much easier, faster & worse than before.

I have rescue meds at home (antibiotics & steroids) which I started Wed as peak flows been dropping, chesty cough, feel out of breath etc. Seeing gp later.

Is this normal for pneumonia to completely mess up asthma control & how long does it take for it all to settle down or is this going to be a long term problem?

Thanks :-)

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Hi, unfortunately asthma can take a long while to settle down after an exacerbation and sometimes it doesn't settle back to completely how you were pre-exacerbation.

There is no set timescale for how long it can take things to settle down because everyone is unique. From personal experience I had a major exacerbation last year (three attacks in four months) and I'm only now really beginning to feel like myself so it has taken me a good few months.

Take it slowly and gently push yourself when you feel comfortable, don't push too hard though otherwise you will set yourself back.


Thanks for your reply. I saw my GP yesterday ( hes a respiratory specialist GP) - added a 2nd course of antibiotics & also increased the strength of the fostair & added spiriva. Hopefully that'll help! He also wants to see me in a month when infection settled to work on improving asthma control :-)


Hello Tingle..yes pneumonia takes a lot out of you..make sure you have the vaccination when you are fully recovered, ask the doctor when you can have it. I have had it this year and it has helped me I think. I had pleurisy and that threw me out for months, especially in winter..I wish you well, keep on going to the doctor until your asthma is totally under control. Do phone the Asthma UK helpline they will give you useful advice. Take care xx


Hi . I had pneumonia vaccine just before Christmas & had yearly flu jab back in Sept.

Still not feeling too good. Peak flow stuck at 350 last 3 days. How quickly would you expect to see improvement in peak flow & start feeling better? (Started prednisolone & amoxicillin on Wed. GP added clarithromycin & spiriva on fri & increased strength of fostair

Thanks :-)


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