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Been to see consultant at the Brompton today - good news in the way I'm going to be admitted within 4 weeks for investigations. Dr said she's seen many cases like me and feels she can help - let's hope she can almost 2 years of coughing and being breathless is not good. After local hospital trying to sort me without being able to.

Seems Brompton have the experteese why oh why do they not filter this information to our local hospital to enable our consultants to help us in the clinics. ??

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Good morning. Glad the consultant feels they can help. You must be relieved to have someone who is offering to get to the bottom of your problems. Fingers crossed that you will be called in soon. All the best.

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Good luck. I hope you get answers and help.


I'm also at the Brompton, great hospital. Very thorough ... good luck


Hope your being sorted, yes I'm pleased to be having investigations but also worried and apprehensive.. but I do need to be sorted as been struggling with my breathing for 2 + years and consultant feels not only asthma - so we will see.


Don't be ...... I stayed in for two nights and had many tests and investigations... all the results are then collated together and a team reviews .... an action plan is then planned ....


Oh thanks i hope they have been able to help you sort your problems. 😀


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