Hi all had a real bad day today chest won't stop wheezing so breathless most of day had nebs like no tomorrow now struggling tonight again went to the toilet came back mind u it it only opposite my bed came back and can't breath heart rate up to 215 and sats 94 normally mine 99 never low so struggling big time hoping the night not going to b so bad the docs on the ward so might b seeing him they said going to mention it to him hope everyone else good x

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  • You really are going through it you poor thing. Hope you turn the corner soon. Best wishes.

  • Thanks just can't get a grip of it today seems no end they got the phycologist to come into talk to me today she's coming back tomorrow for a chat x

  • Thinking of you.

  • Thank u x

  • Tracye, I think you should ask them to call the doctor. You seem to be really struggling and that is hard on your whole body . Is there not anything they can give you for relief ? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😘

  • Hi after the day from hell im in bed relaxing had another neb still rattling a bit had a big melt down and sobbed my eyes out as couldn't take anymore i'm just so fed up with being ill all the time and trying breath needles everything got to me tonight seeing phycologist again tomorrow in here seen her today she's really nice so going to say goodnight to everyone and I'd u all well and thank all from the bottom of my heart fo all the support u have all giving me means a lot

  • Dear Tracey, Have you thought of trying "Reiki" you might now be a believer but it works for me and many others. Find books on Amazon.

    With asthma anything is worth a try.

    Good luck.

  • Hi yea I have thought about it but was t sure about it and what I can do , just seen doc and looks like i'm going to b here bit longer just got to sit it out

  • Hello Tracey,

    Happy to know you have thought about it.

    Let me know how you get on.

    I love it.

    Hope you get a lot better soon.


  • Oh Tracey I do hope you start to feel better soon.

    God Bless you.

  • Just had 3 nebs in a row I called the nurse back as starting to get breathless again going try and sleep if starts again got to shout her then try one more then the doc

  • Sorry you're having such a tough time. I trust you managed to get some sleep xx

  • How did you sleep? It must be so frightening for you but you are in the right place. I know it is hard but try and relax if you can. Lots of love and hugs and hope you feel a bit better today xxxxx

  • Not slept much been stuck on neb most night heart racing i'm very tired going try and have a nap today sometime x

  • Thinking of you... Hope you feel better soon, good luck today xxx

  • Take care xxxx

  • Don't worry about the oxygen level too much, as long as it is 92 or above. The heart rate is worrying though. Need to get some of those drugs down. Do you need something to help relax you? Let us know how to get on, after the Consultant/Registrars have done their rounds

  • Hi just been around and saying the infections has taken over and now i'm having a big asthma attack on top making me 50 times worse said more nebs and going to add z montulokast in to try had it befprebiy didn't work but we will c can't take the wmonopholine makes me blow up so can't have that either what is what they want to try she said got to sit it out going to keep close eye on me. Glad when I feel better

  • Is it a bacterial infections, and if so, have they told you which bacteria? Or is it viral? Have they got you on any IV antibiotics? Do I understand right that you cannot have Aminophyllin? What else have they got you on? Are you drinking plenty of water to help thin any mucus? Did you mean Montelukast? I am not sure that does any good either. What about antihistamines and something to help you relax? Are you propped up? I want one of those hospital beds at home, I think they are wonderful. Sorry, lots of questions there.

    Have you ever been on the Pulmonary Rehabilitation course, and been taught the active cycle of breathing?

    Keep drinking those fluids and remember, we are all here for you.

  • Looks like I have pneumonia just been told

  • That explains a lot. I am just wondering, have you had your Pneumovax? Normally, we have that once (or maybe every ten years can't remember), when we have our flu jab. Anyway, despite two more pneumonia vaccines, I have not developed the antibodies. You will get better, you will recover. It will just take a long time. We are here for you

  • No never had pneumovax had pneumonia once before that was horrible last time x

  • Normally, when you go for your flu jab, you will be offered the Pneumovax if you have not had the injection before. Maybe because you had pneumonia before, they think it is not necessary. Did they say which pneumonia virus? Can you find out?

  • Can't have flu jab makes me bad so i'm stuck I just got to soffer viral I think through the chest infection

  • Oh. I remember having a reaction when they first started giving flu jabs out, but had no problem over the last ten years. Hope you manage to get some sleep and feel better soon.

  • Hi Tracy. You are having a rough time bless you. When I had Pneumonia I was given the jab as soon as I was well enough. It only covers certain strains but better than nothing and it is for life. Don't know what neb you are on but I found alternating the sabutamol with saline really helped me. It moisten and damp down the airway making things easier. I really hope you feel better soon. Rest up and take a day at a time. Try and relax that will help . Good luck Ros x

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