hi new to here just being diagnosed asthmatic IBS and depression not so sure what i need to be asking for at the doctor as i have been given a blue inhaler but have been coughing to the point of being nearly physically sick for the last week but being coughing for three months or there aboughts i use a mask when doing the horse nets or diy but not getting much sleep as it keeps waking me up so permanently tired and weak feeling plus find i sweat within fifteen mins of even moderate exertion do i need a preventer or anything else not been seen by a asthma nurse as yet thanks sarah

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  • Hello Gardener12, welcome to the forum!

    Poor you, you must be quite exhausted - and that won't be helping things.

    The blue inhaler you mention is probably salbutamol (ventolin) and is a reliever inhaler. This is to give you quick relief should your asthma symptoms flare up. If this is not helping you, you need to go back to your GP (or whoever prescribed it) and explain that it does not seem to be working for you. The preventer inhaler you mention has a different function: its purpose is to keep your asthma under control (so it helps to prevent asthma attacks). A well controlled asthmatic hardly ever needs to use a ventolin inhaler.

    From what you have written, am I right in that you work with horses? If so, have you been tested to see whether you have developed an allergy connected to this. It may not be the horses themselves, it could be dust from feed, etc. It's worth bearing in mind that allergies do change over the course of a lifetime, so you can go for years without being allergic to something, and then suddenly you develop one for no known reason.

    IBS is a different thing. If, however, you also happen to suffer from reflux that could also be irritating your windpipe resulting in asthma like symptoms.

    The main thing is that you go back to your GP and explain that you are still having difficulties despite being given a reliever inhaler. If you can, push for an appointment as soon as you can get one. If you have uncontrolled asthma and you get a viral infection things can get very difficult very quickly.

    Good luck, and I hope things improve for you soon.

  • thank you yes i do help with my daughters pony's and now wear a mask whenever i am doing the nets or brushing them usaly the haylage we feed is damp but this stuff has been quite dry plus at work i was quite frequently stuck in traffic jams and when we were in the hire car my coworkers disregarded the no smoking rule evan if they were told i was not happy abought them smoking no body got disciplined for it ether

  • No, smokers in a car you are travelling is certainly not going to help. Is your boss aware that you have been diagnosed with asthma?

    I really do think you need to go back to your GP though. From what you said your cough is causing you a lot of misery. That does need to be dealt with first. Have you booked an appointment yet? If you can't get to see a doctor quickly ask if you can get to see an asthma nurse. You do need to get your asthma under control.

  • got an appointment with the asthma nurse today think she is more approachable than the doctor so poor woman is going to get bombarded with questions no work were unaware as i was off sick for the other problems but had had a cough for a month or so but only got diagnosed after i was on sick for the other stuff lol seemed to go from prety healthy to a downright crock in the space of six months

  • Hope all goes well when you see the asthma nurse.

  • thank you it did got a steroid inhaler and peek flow measurements sorted have to start them in two weeks after i start on the steroids

  • Good.

    Keeping fingers crossed that the recovery can now begin. It's unlikely to be instantaneous - from what you've described your lungs are really quite irritated at the moment. But given that you've been told not to start using the peak flow metre for a couple of weeks after starting the steroid inhaler it sounds as though your asthma nurse is expecting that.

    All the best


  • hi welcome to the forum. All you need to do is tell the doctor that the coughing is affecting your sleep and carrying out your normal activities. Then make sure the doctor gives you a steriod preventer and ask about a short course of steriod tablets. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Did they give you a spacer for your inhalers? If your coughing lots you may find it easier using one as you get better dosage my dad has COPD and coughs lots and he uses one with his blue. I'm lucky I've had asthma for so long I've mastered the art but it's not easy. Also when you see your asthma nurse get them to check your technique just to see your doing it right. Good luck!

  • i have one on order thanks nurse suggested one too

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