Embarrassed :-(

Anybody else get really embarrassed at all the coughing and spluttering and taking inhalers. I hate puffing away on them bcos ppl tend to look and then bcos ur coughing they point and look as if ewww. I just get embarrassed. I think its bcos some ppl dont understand it. Obv have to take whats prescribed but i just wondered if anybody felt like this.

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  • When I was first diagnosed I used to turn away when I used my puffers now I don't . I am special as you are we cope with a rotten condition. Nobody has ever commented but if they did I would be happy to explain to them ,only once did anyone commented because my voice is affected and I explained what it was we had a good chat a now always say hello. Good luck :-)

  • Thanks. Ive had afew comments from coughing.

  • Hi I have had this before and one time I got chatting with this guy and he said he had asthma as well. It's surprising how many people have. x

  • yes its true, thanks x

  • I have been verbally abused in shops etc when I have been coughing and wheezing and told that I shouldn't be out infecting people. Happened other day in post office queue, wasn't too bad until somebody came up behind me smelling of smoke. I was coughing (mouth covered) when the smell told me I shouldn't be allowed out. My mum always told me to be polite so I politely turned round and told her that neither should she as she was making me ill with her smell of smoke and I politely asked that when I moved forward in the queue if she could remain where she was so I could breathe clean air. She walked out of post office but I got a cheer from rest of queue including people who smoke

  • some people are very ignorant aren't they.

  • Well done you. I'm happy that smoking is banned in public places but it was forgotten that out and about in the streets, people are constantly having to walk in some smokers slipstream triggering coughing attacks and as you experienced, dealing with the "smoke cloud" around someone when they come inside a building.

    It is very difficult to deal with - walking around outside often makes me feel like I'm running a gauntlet of smokers and their slipstreams! I am starting to know where the likely areas for smokers are in the town I work in so I can avoid them! In winter I can have a scarf over my nose and face and could even hide a respirator mask under it to filter out pollutants including smoke but I can't do that so easily in spring and summer!

  • i too wear a scarf over my nose and face.

  • I used to be a bit shy of using my inhaler in public, but I'm not any more.

  • and so you shouldn't. if you need it you got to use it

  • They need to go through it its different when there ill with chest infections or something take no notice

  • i know thanks x

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