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Hello everyone.

After a pretty rough weekend I found myself at the doctors yesterday morning with talk of adult onset asthma, being hooked up to a nebuliser and being told off for not calling NHS24 through the night. I left with a course of Prednisolome, a blue inhaler, peak flow meter and an appointment with the asthma nurse in a couple of weeks.

Nebuliser and Prednisolome seem to be helping (im no longer wheezing nor coughing each time I take a breath) but interested to know how people find the side effects of Prednisolome?

I'm a right grump, bloody exhausted and really not myself. I do have a lingering cold (which doctor did mention was a likely trigger) so that's obviously not helping but just wondering if this is normal?

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Hi there is a reason they call predisilone the devils pills. I always need those when I have a chest infection or any exacerbation. I find after a day or so I feel much better and have energy. But (and there is always a but) when I stop them I get the lows which can last for a couple of days. I feel low, have no energy and totally miserable. x

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Hi, sorry to chip in. I hadn't realised my energy levels and low mood were connected to asthma? Im often taking to my bed to recharge. Im currently getting uncontrolled asthma, controlled.

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I find that I can't do without prednisolone, it's very effective in improving my lungs but each time I've taken it, I get more nowty, and much more depressed.....I'll cry at thoughts, certain songs and music, not being able to find just what I need when shopping! I have to carry a man sized tissue or two!! Funny now but not at the time. I've had to taper my dose gradually and gently as my course finishes, or I get the shivers and the shakes, feel a bit fluey, headaches. With a slow taper down, these are avoided but the mood swings are a bind. All sorted soon after course finally finished, thankfully. Who'd have asthma??!


Thank you for all your replies. Glad to hear I'm not the only one getting weird side effects! I'm also already on Fluoxetine for depression (although due to cone off soon) so I doubt think Prednisolome is doing much for my moods at all!

Hoping I'll get to grips with it all soon.


I'm so lucky all preds do for me (apart from helping the asthma) is to make me eat I have been on a 5mg daily dose for several years and can not loose my weight I put on when I was on a high dose for several months. Hoping to start coming off it completely very soon though. It's really not a healthy drug to be on long term.


Welcome to Prednisolone Club. My husband calls them the 'mad pills'. I get very unpredictable emotionally when I take them, can end up crying or firing off at someone really easily. I also don't sleep much when taking the them. However they are life savers and I take them come what may when necessary as they keep me out of hospital. A lot of nebs can also make you very shakey.

You just have to get through the course and when you come out the other end you will stop feeling grumpy.

Good luck with your Asthma nurse appointment.



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