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Now got Temp 101f

Fed up now. Got through bad bit of asthma all over Xmas with antibiotics. Nebuliser and steroids. Been back on normal meds for a week and now picked up a bug. Streaming cold temp at 101f and sneezing and coughing my concern is the Google search says no problem with a fever unless it goes to 103f. I've had pneumonia before so a bit worried. What do you think. Is it safe to ride the fever out. I'm 65? I'm ot being a wimp just a bit worried

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I am sorry that you're feeling poorly.

I hope you start to feel better soon.

If you are concerned about your temperature it might be worth getting a telephone appointment with your GP tomorrow or contact NHS 111 this evening.

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Ok so it's 2am my head is throbbing,everything aches and temp still up at 101. Will be a call to docs in the morning. Don't want to go to the surgery with the air pollution where it is. Oh joy. I'm signing myself off sick from work,can't push through this


Oh you poor thing, I hope your GP appointment goes well.

Take care and I hope you do manage to get some sleep.

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Ok update is its flu. Despite having the jab. Apparently only covers 3 strains and not this one. Temp is coming down but will call docs again today as chest is getting worse


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