Does this sound like asthma?

Hi all

This is driving me totally insane at the moment and really anxious about it being something much worse like cancer in my lungs.

I have been ill over the last couple of months with various colds, the last cold I had was about a week ago & started coughing terribly. I do smoke, I am 36, female.

I cannot stop coughing.....every time I breathe in I cough, when I breathe in it feels like cold air in my throat that then irritates and causes me to cough. When I breathe it sounds like I am not wheezing but my throat is tight it sounds constricted (if that makes sense), throat feels somewhat tight also...

I want to the see Dr and only appointment I can get is next week Tuesday so another week of this torture!

I had a cough last year this time & my GP then sent me for an X-ray which came back satisfactory (very worried now something is not right), why is an X-ray satisfactory and not normal!

Any advice, ANYTHING please!

Very anxious and annoyed!

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  • Sorry. But you know the first is to stop smoking. I know it's hard. Have you tried the vapes? Really hope you're on the mend soon and it's nothing serious as you fear. Take care

  • Ive cut down from 7 to 2 now and eventually will stop. Thanks if it doesnt go soon it will have to be doen the GP!

  • Hi, I seem to have had similar problems. I cough on inhalation but appear to have a throat wheeze. Following my last bout of illness was prescribed antibiotics and prednisone which helped, I noticed post nasal drip a week post infection, this made me cough so much I couldn't eat. I found saline nasal washes help a bit not forever but you may get some relief. Worth a try. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Hi thanks for this. Its so weird my throat is scratchy all the time and my nose is blocked in the morning its so irritating......I have a nasal wash will try that and see if that helps me, thanks for the advice.

  • Have you tried a Nasal Stetoid Spray? Check with your Doc when you visit.

  • Maybe you have developed COPD. The same thing happened to me after a very bad cold, was diagnosed with COPD.

  • How does it feel for you?

  • Another thing I forgot to mention was every so often I wake with during the middle of the night with acid reaching my voicebox, it happened last night & coughed and coughed...... it horrible feels like its choking me......I am forever swallowing to get rid of the scratch in my throat all day (whilst I continue to cough).....GETTING SO FRUSTRATED!

  • I think u are suffering with acidity. U should take omeprazol. And you should use pillow while sleeping so acidic chyme in ur stomach won't come in ur throat.

  • I went to the dr and she said the same thing

  • Hi ive got vcd and you sound like you may have too please read into vocal cord dysfunction and let me know if it sounds like what your going through

  • Also acid reflux and vcd go hand in hand dont worry about copd it affects the chest yours is from the throat and belueve me whether you smoke or not it doesnt make a difference to vcd i dont smoke

  • Hi

    Thanks for the message. I saw an ENT consultant last year Feb and diagnosed me with Globus problem is I never feel like there is a so called lump in my throat if feels like my vocal cords or just my throat in general is tight and at times I am breathing through a straw! The cough is definitely from the throat it like a tingle all the time and it provokes the cough reflex's, I also had an endoscopy in April last year and the consultant saw no ulcers or cause of reflux, I definitely get reflux, I can eat right now and then feel it coming up like a ball in my throat, i am forever swallowing to get rid of the tickles also.....worse at night also....

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