Our neighbour called round yesterday and my husband invited him in. Immediately I started to get mucus on my chest and began to cough which was a bit embarrassing. I haven't got a good sense of smell so didn't realise straight away that he had been smoking just before the visit. After we had seen him out I came back into the room and could smell the stale smoke in the air.

I had a CT scan yesterday so hope the GP will be able to adjust my treatment and help.

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  • I am exactly the same with the smell of cigarettes even worse when someone has just smoked one and talks to me. Also strong perfume on someone can affect me. I was in a theatre once and had to move because the woman in front of me was wearing so much perfume I started wheezing. Lucky there were some empty seats!

  • 'Sunflowers' perfume used to be popular with my colleagues and I used to have to hold my breath as I walked through that part of the office. It was lethal.

  • Horrible on flights too.

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