Peak flow good breathing bad sometimes inhalers make it worse aswell especially when the weather changes

Hi if anyone has any ideas it could be life changing for me

I can be anywhere but when the weather changes I go funny quickly like a human barometer light headed and asthma starts. Doctors say anxiety but how can that be when I relaxed and no problem also peak flow is fine sometimes and even then I can feel bad with or without weather to be fair....... I have also found out that foods/drinks with sulphites in can course this which now I've looked into may make sense...... And when googled it said 1in 10 asthmatics do have the allergy so I'm cutting them out now and going to start keeping a diary..............but anyway I can go on all day but this last week I have been rearly bad and it's not anxiety as I know because I've dealt with that for years they say it's the course but it's not you feel you not breathing and then when things are fine and then you can't so obviously anxiety will kick in then but for me not before normally and ive experienced to very well know the difference and I do think the asthma caused it in the first place but they seem to palm you off still is anyone similar if so please respond thankyou


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  • Hi breathing exercises might help you. There are lots on Youtube both for asthma and for anxiety. If you do these regularly then it will be easier when you have an exacerbation.

    Do you have a individual action plan with your nurse/doctor? If not I would ask for one. Take care. x

  • Last time I was in hospital, an unknown consultant tried to claim that I didn't have asthma and it was just anxiety. Fortunately my GP and regular asthma nurse disagree. I am hoping this isn't a trend as I have also had recent bad experiences at A&E. 😟

  • Hi,

    Does your inhaler work when you have these episodes?

  • Sometimes but sometimes makes it worse

  • Hi Ash1122,

    There are many reasons why it may work one time but not another. Ask around and see what these reasons are and if they make sense to you and your situation. You didn't mention which inhaler you use at these times. If the inhaler is a Ventolin inhaler, you may get worse because in some people it sets the heart racing etc. In my case I can't use the normal Ventolin inhaler because I am allergic to the propellant in the inhaler - it gives me asthma! I originally thought that the Asthma was just getting worse until I realised it was the CFC free Ventolin. I now use a Ventolin rotahaler .(Yes, they still make them for those who have been told they no longer exist). These have a little capsule (rotacap) with a powder in it and I breathe this in through the rotahaler. This works quite well for me but I am sure there are other alternatives out there. Good Luck Ash.

  • I was annoyed a few times whe doctors said its anxiety thats causing asthma now i hav been diagnosed ensinophillic asthma so now they believe me. Just wish doctors would listen to their patienrs since patients know their own body.

  • What do they treat you for that

  • Preventor inhaler . Steriods. Ventolin inhaler for emergencies.

    Attending specialist asthma clinic were i get blood tests every 4-6 weeks and see my consultant. Ensinophillic means too many whitw cells in bone marrow. There is a new injection which has just recently become available in n.ireland so.i might be a candidate for that which will get me off steriods. I just want good health.

  • Hi Ashley, I have what my asthma consultant calls difficult to control asthma but when our local hospital close my consultant changed to the one I have now and he said about 5 years ago that he thought that there was maybe something else underlying as I was in and out of hospital alot , he had a ct scan don't and found out that I did have another lung condition which I have seen on his computer im on trial and error medication for this but I don't know if you see a hospital consultant as well as your gp or respiratory nurse,

    Take care

    Loraine x

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