Hi all u wide awake people out here me awake as well chest wheezing like a old kettle and the steriods keeping me awake what fun I have at night I dread going to bed as don't sleep for more than two hours and tonight no differ but got my lungs singing to me as well so looks like my MP3 player will have to join me and my ear phones c if that helps me drift off well that's me hope the rest of u have a lovely sleep and happy dreams

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  • Hi Tracey, I'm sorry you have had a bad night. Mine wasn't brilliant although I have improved recently after a nasty chest infection. i keep an e-reader in bed with me and borrow library books on it. You are not allowed to borrow library books on every type of e-reader. PM me if you want details. Take care of yourself and keep warm.

  • Hi sorry to here u not been well hate chest infections get lots of them , I go to the library a lot and read but thanks for that I was thinking of buying a kindle for myself like a good read I like true stories and Peter James he's great writer been to the theatre to c his plays there amazing if u get chance to go I would advice great and the books good read , well take you take care x

  • Hi Sheila,

    What type of e-reader would I need please? I have a library van that stops in the centre of our small village, outside my house. It would be so handy to use an e-reader.

    I have a nasty chest infection and it's disturbed my sleep schedule. I seem to be up all hours and am driving hubby mad!

  • MrsMac, I use a Kobo. I live in England near Liverpool and belong to our local library and also have been allowed to join Liverpool library which extends the choice. You can not use a kindle to borrow library books. It takes a bit of mastering to start with but help is sometimes available at a library

    The books are automatically 'taken back' at the end of the loan period.

    I am going on holiday soon so will borrow the maximum of books from both libraries. You can also buy books and are offered some free from bookbub.

  • Excellent, I live in Lincolnshire so will ask the library bus staff if the Kobo is OK for them too. It sounds ideal!

    Thanks for sharing this info :)

  • Sounds like the club is getting bigger by the night! I too take books to bed but use the audio books option from my library to at least help me relax if not sleep.

  • We should start a book club a night time one as lots of us a wake x

  • I take books to bed too. In fact, I have a pile of my favourite embroidery books on my bedside table along with my current novel.

    I love the idea of drifting off to sleep listening to an audio book!

  • So sorry that you've had a bad night.

    Try to get some rest today.

    Take great care Tracey.

  • Hi Hun i'm ok u know me got keep going I b ok got to b take care x

  • I hope you finally managed to get a decent night.

  • No not really was still awake at 3 finally went off awake by 5 give up then might have a nap later hope u ok x

  • Pity. I find daytime naps are better for me than nighttime ones! Have a lovely day and I hope you manage a good afternoon nap. x

  • It's interesting that e readers have been mentioned because I have several books on my IPad that I read when I can't sleep because of my asthma.

  • Hi Tracey, I hope you're managing to get a good night's sleep.

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