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New to this

Hi everyone,

I'm a busy working mum of four teenagers and have had to take the last 3 weeks off work (the most ever) due to a massive asthma flare up following a chest infection. I have finished my 2 week course of steroids (started with 30mg which I took for 9 days then tapered them off) but still feel tight in my chest and have that usual 'I've been kicked in the chest and back by a horse' feeling that I always get following a course of prednisolone. Ribs ache (normal, from the steroid loosening the muscles while coughing), and getting a horrible feeling of heart-racing whenever I try and do anything. I have literally done nothing but lie in bed or on the sofa for weeks now and haven't been out of the door in a bid to get better quicker. I really don't have time to be ill but I've done everything right this time. I don't know why I'm writing this, other than to say that I don't know anyone else who has problems like this and I'm sure people at work don't understand. Friends certainly don't. Breathing should be so simple - people take it for granted. Why does it take so long to get better? What do people take following a flare-up? Any advice for tonics etc? Feeling so frustrated and fed up.

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  • You need to fully recover please don't go back to work to soon. Go and get some advice from your pharmacist, ask him if there are any vitamins or supplements that could help your recovery. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. Love Bernadette XXX 😊

  • Hi 😊. There is a brilliant tonic called Metatone which I highly recommend for recovery, or in fact just daily use. You can get it from most pharmacies and also most local large supermarkets. Its full of great vitamins and I feel it instantly gives me a boost.

    I haven't had it for a while (like you I'm a busy Mum of 2 young ones!) and my health seems to fall by the wayside these days. However, after being bed bound this week with a flu virus, chest infection and asthma flair up and having just started some antibiotics and prednisalone, I'll be getting some this weekend.

    I know what you mean about taking longer to recover. I seem to get everything going these days, but I blame myself for not controlling my asthma properly and taking the vitamins I need. Must get better at this.

    Hope you feel better soon, the elephant sitting on your chest feeling is awful and makes you feel a bit dizzy in my opinion. Rest up, drink lots of water and fruit juice and go easy on yourself. Us Mums put too much pressure on ourselves to 'be ok'!

    Liz 🤒😎

  • I found as I get older (40 now!!!) that I take longer to recover than I used to. It's annoying because I have two kids who rely on me. So I am currently working with my GP trying to find a way to keep from getting sick. I hope you feel better soon. x

  • Hi Sorry to hear you're struggling to feel better. I had the same flu virus and asthma attack and felt like that for ages. Just stating to feel like myself after 3 months and I'm normally fit and well . If it reassures you even my non asthmatic friends who have suffered this virus have been laid low for a few weeks. Just rest as and when you can and don't put yourself under pressure to be 'back to normal ' before you're ready ...little by little.

    Take care .

  • I am sorry that you are having such a tough time. Asthma is such a mixed condition - every asthmatic's experience can be so different. People don't understand what it is like to be unwell and on medication and they certainly don't understand how debilitating the condition can be. I know it is easy to say but try and be patient with yourself and try not to be too hard on yourself.

  • Just logged on to see your lovely caring replies! Thanks so much everyone, it's really encouraging. I definitely felt like I was turning a corner yesterday and then this morning I woke up with a sore throat. :-( Will try the metatone tonic and keep drinking water and fruit juice. Thanks all. Keep wrapped up, it's cold out there!


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