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I have asthma along with my husband, daughter, son, brother and mother. My husband, daughter and myself are worse, fortunately my other family members don't take regular medication.

Since mid October I have had a sinus infection which is being very persistent, this has led to 3 chest infections. Antibiotics have helped to clear up the chest infections but the sinus infection just seems to ease off the last lot of antibiotics ended Monday (number 4) and this time the sinus infection didn't ease off and now the chest infection is back again. I do work in health care and I know that makes it easier for me to pick these things up, but I'm at my whits end and it's getting me down. Any advice anyone can give please.

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  • Hi sorry to hear you are not feeling well, go back to your GP and explain. Please let us know how you get on. Love Bernadette xxx

  • I get sinus infections a lot. The first thing that worked was a suggestion from the local chemist. He said to try a Sinugator (manufactured by NeilMed). Basically, it shoots a salt water solution into the nose and out the other side. It worked so well that now, I don't get the sinus trouble that I used to get. I only use it when my sinuses get bad and it works really well. Good luck! x

  • I have been back to my doctors it appears that the infection has gone but the fluid remains, has put me on a different nasal spray and said if no improvement in 4 weeks to go back and see him and possible referral to ent.

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