Hi all hope everyone doing well not to bad a day bit breathless but th cold doesn't help ache a bit my arms hurting and legs due the lowering of the steroids down 50mg and my lungs and body feeling it big time went the corner shop today takes a healthy person 10 mins to get there if that took me 45 mins I was so out of breathe walking it stopping loads so i'm just hoping when I go Rbh on 13th Feb it will give me a boast this time but not been right since the last lot in Dec and got to have lung function tests done this time not long looking forward to that well that's enough of my moaning and sleep well and stay safe sleep forgot what that was night

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  • Hi Tracey, I hope you manage to get a good night's sleep and are not stressing about 13th Feb. x

  • No i'm not stressing about the t just hoping that t works looking forward to having it to b honest as the hydrocortisone normally helps for a month not long I know but a bit of relief x

  • I don't sleep much might get 2-3 hours if lucky x

  • that's good to know, night night x

  • Night night x

  • Gosh it is really frosty this morning! Too cold to go far today but so glad you are a little better. Stay warm xxxx

  • Good morning yea chesty today where it so cold got all the heating on but still cold all white and frosty out but does look nice have a good day x

  • Poor you. I hope and pray your inflamed lungs claim down and your breathing return to normal Amen

  • Hi I wish it would return to normal or as normal as it can forgot what normal breathing is now , tonight been breathless a lot and earlier just started getting out of breath for no reason and that's sat down hope undoing ok

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