Symbicort PMI v turbohaler

Hi, I have just had my symbicort dose increased so changed from 100 to 200 inhaler. The asthma nurse prescribed, I think by mistake, a pressured meter inhaler (PMI) instead of the turbohaler I am used to. The pharmacist asked me if I was happy with this and I thought I might as well give it a go instead of going back to get the prescription changed. Has anyone here changed from turbohaler to PMI, and did you notice any difference? Thanks

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  • The spray inhaler has only been available for a couple of months. In theory it should be no different. In saying that, if you prefer the turbohaler just ask for it to be swapped over.

  • Thanks Steven, going to try it for a few days but seems OK so far. I dont have a problem using ventolin inhaler and the technique is similar.

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