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Fed up

I need some help. I'm getting so fed up of asthma medication contributing to other health conditions. I am on long term prednisone and have been for 9 years or so but for some reason all of a sudden things are coming out the woodwork such as finding out I have osteoporosis, adrenal failure, I have an issue with my eyes now and have swollen optic nerves meaning I need to see a specialist at the eye hospital, I also find my teeth are just crumbling away. I have had work done in the past on my teeth from playing sport and getting them damaged but it's these teeth which are now falling apart. I also have issues with my heart and restless legs and have lots of allergies.

I try to keep a healthy diet and clean my teeth and take my medication all the time so I don't end up in hospital again but just now it feels like it's all up against me just now and I'm really struggling to find positives. I guess it's just mounting up.

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I know exactly how you feel,I too have problems with my teeth. I have lost all my upper teeth and now it looks like I will lose the bottom set.ilool after my teeth but they are crumbling away. I also have osteoporosis and other health issues. I would go and tall things over with your GP. Let me know how you get on. Love Bernadette xx😊


Steriods take calcium out of your body so thats prob why ur bones and teeth are affected. Do u take calcium tablets?


yes I take Calci Chew twice a day and also alendronate once a week.


I have been on oral steroids daily since 1991, maintenance does at moment is 20mg. I've got osteoporosis, muscle wastage, crumbling teeth, diabetes, start of glaucoma & cataracts, restless legs, reflux, constant pain but I am still alive. Yes steroids gave me problems but I am still here sharing my life with my loved ones. I know it's hard but try to be grateful

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Hi ... This is interesting for me, as I'm also on pred as a maintenance 25mg daily for 2 years I'm trying to taper but seem stuck at 20mg daily and my symptoms seem worse .... Shortness of breath, wheeze, increased sputem production ect ect ..... I see my consultant next week who was hoping to reduce again by 5mg for a month .. I'm also on xolair..... For me at the min the benefits out weigh the side affects but I am worried as to what the long term affects will be... I'm 44


yes I'm the same the benefits of being on steroids mean I can live and function relatively ok. Im only 30 and already only work part time because of my asthma but at least it part time if it wasn't for the steroids I wouldn't be working. Just get fed up and despondent sometimes!


My step-mum was on a high dose of prednisolone for arteritis (a life-threatening artery disease), she took over two years tapering off and during that time was on a special calcium prescription to help protect her bones. I guess the dose was a lot higher than asthmatics have but it saved her life although she never recovered from the overall toll.

I have read that magnesium is good to supplement with - there are many forms that have differing applications. Calcium alone is not such a good thing apparently.


Old age is catching up. Unavoidable. With old age comes loss of ability to fine tune muscles, needing to go to loo rather than sleeping.

It is worth looking at therapies which help reduce some of the muscle problems and so reduce stress and thus reduce stress related problems. Here I am thinking of Alexander technique and yoga.

Making allowances for the sleep loss. We decide we need 8 hours sleep in our twenties. Set the alarm clock for this and forget that we lose half an hour of sleep when we have to get up to go to the loo in the late 50s. Sleep loss can enable things to not work as well. So the sleep loss must be made up.

Hope this helps


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