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Help me

Hi There was wondering if u might think i got angina or heart rythem disorder as i been getting discomfort feeling in my chest been breathless dizzy lightheaded and when i walking after a while i start to lose my Balance start walking all over place not in straight line and i dont no why i nealy clasp whiles i walking it that horrible and i get shortness of breath tired all time that symptoms i getting but my heart rate pulse is fine as docs checked it by putting This weird thing on my finger Said pulse is fine chest is fine so she didnt no why my breathing was bad she gave me some steroid tablets called preditionol cant spell them to take with my asthma inhalers was taking them for 2 weeks but no difference thought they was but not it so hard to get to sleep at night because of This sometimes my heart feel like going to stop think does for a Second then i cough and deep breath and it fine but everytime i lay down it starts my breathing back of even when i just sitting still or walking it start my breathing of i have got asthma but my asthma meant to be fine please help and i get tight feeling in my tummy and bubbling sound and gassy sound i get headaches as Well and heavy pressure feeling on my chest and i feel sick all time

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I have a combination of asthma and fixed small airways disease, diagnosed from my tight chest and incessant winter colds. The former is reversible and that is what steroids are for; the latter is not and steroids won't help that, as far as I am aware. For any fixed airway obstruction, you need Ventolin or something similar or longer acting. You might like to explore that with your doctor.

The other thing is to try not to worry too much because that is a classic cause of chest pain and heart palpitations. You might wish to your doctor about that too!

Good luck.

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See a McTimony chiropractor. Pressure on the vagus nerve can cause all sorts of funny symptoms. Lack of blood pressure can cause all sorts of funny symptoms. You moving around but if you suddenly decide to relax a lot of muscles than the veins and arteries open up and blood will drain away from the head. Result brain starved of nutrient and it malfunctions.

One habit a number of people develop is to cave in the chest. This can cause problems. It is not picked up because doctors are not trained to detect things caused by muscle misbehaviour. Might be worth see an Alexander technique teacher to learn how to improve posture and fine muscle control.

Hope this helps.


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