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Pregnant and meds

Hi I have just found out I am pregnant and going to see GP tomorrow to start antenatal care. I am on flutiform and bricanyl and Spiriva inhalers , I have stopped all my other add ons as per my consultant team . Anyone else been on these meds when pregnant. I also suffer with reflux , how did people manage this during pregnancy? I am terrified as have had two miscarriages before getting to this point . Any advice gratefully accepted.

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Hi Pippin, try not to worry. I'm sure your docs will be monitoring your pregnancy very carefully.

Over 40 years ago when I was first pregnant I was on daily prednisolone for asthma and had been for nearly 20 years, as I'd been prescribed it when it was very new. The doctors were very concerned (nearly panicked) as they had no idea what effect it would have on the baby. I got the best of care because of it, but like you I was very worried. When my daughter finally arrived, she was whisked off to the special care baby unit for no other reason than they thought she would suffer severe withdrawal symptoms and had no idea how she would react to that.

Of course she was absolutely fine, no symptoms at all, and she came back to me within 24 hours. So when I had my 2nd daughter and later my son, with me still on the prednisolone, no one batted an eyelid and I wasn't given any special treatment. They were both fine too and are now adults, and I have 3 gorgeous grandchildren. So this is your future I hope!

Obviously your case is different, you have additional concerns as you've already suffered the distress of miscarriages, but I do hope this time all will be well for you and your baby.

I hope I am not being too simplistic in comparing our cases as I'm no medic, but I'm sure your meds won't hurt your baby.

Every good wish, Jan :-)

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Oh Pippin, you poor thing, this is a very precious baby then :) Congratulations! As Jabber says, drs are so careful with pregnant women these days, some might say a bit too careful, if there can be such a thing. Like Jabber, I was on pred all during my pregnancy, also taking daily antihistamines for urticaria, and had several courses of antibiotics into the bargain. Plus various inhalers. I was a bit worried, but my GP was reassuring, and anyway I didn't have any option because it was the only way of controlling my asthma. Result - one full-term, healthy baby. This was 30 years ago. I'd already had a very early miscarriage, but I doubt that was anything to do with the drugs. Things have gone a bit the other way now - pregnant women are scared to take any drug at all. Remember that YOU need to be well to carry your baby, and poor breathing will put a strain on your heart and make you very unwell. I'm sure everything will be fine - you'll be closely monitored I'm sure.


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