Hello, I have just joined Asthma UK and I would like to introduce myself,

Hello, I just joined and I would like to introduce myself,

I am 61 year old male residential in Staffordshire, my place of work from the age of 15 was Wedgwood as a Polisher until 1997 when I developed my lung condition, this however did not come to ahead until 2003 when I collapsed at home in the early hours , As I didn't know what was going on, I thought I was still in bed asleep, I was woken up 6 days later in ICU, after other tests to confirm I was indeed Asthmatic and I suffered 2 major attacks,

Over the years I kept reasonable control of my asthma, I had a number of attacks throughout years and didn't required any admissions,

However, in 2012, I lost complete control of my asthma and was subjected to continue attacks and admissions in total todate 18 Admission ,

I now suffering from the Asthma, COPD and Hyperventilation, the Hyperventilation is the worse, I have tried everything to control the Hyperventilation that my Respiratory Threapist advised me, but every so many days it comes back, one triggers off the other like a vicious circle

My last admission was on the 8th Jan last, when my PFV fell to a low of 160 and I was in Resus,

My Respiratory Consultant is concerned of Asthma over lap with COPD which is a condition that is new, as advised,

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  • Hello.

  • Welcome to the forum

  • Hello and welcome, I too have asthma and COPD and I'm still learning from everyone on this site. 😊Bronagh

  • Hi nice to meet you. There is another site on here which might help you as well - The British Lung Foundation. They deal with asthma through to IPF and everything in between. I have asthma and copd and am on it. x

  • Hello Raymond. I would just like to recommend as @coughalot2 has, that you join the British Lung Foundation. I have lifelong Severe Asthma and now have Obstruction, therefore COPD overlap.

  • Hi and Wellcome aboard , i'm tracey 44 from Wiltshire has asthma since I was 18monyhs of now have very brittle asthma and spend a lot of time in hospital in there more than at home to b honest or it seems like that at the moment I live on steroids and go the royal Brompton in London every two months for hydrocortisone iv for 10 days for a boast but this time not doing so well I go in again on the 13 th February for 10 days so hopeing it helps better this time well nice to meet u hope u enjoy the forum and get much help and love like I have take care

  • thank you all for such a lovely welcome, I need to find out more on Asthma with COPD overlap and what I may be subjected too with regards to symptoms and what are the attacks like, at the moment, and how does this effect the PFV meter reading, I know with COPD the meter reading don't move as they do with Asthma, but I can expect more than I have at the moment,

    I was in A&E with a peak flow of 180, well down on my best, and I believe I should have been in Resus, however, the Triage Nurse did not think so, and directed me to an out-of-hours Doctor, who after 2 nebs discharged me with a peak flow of 150 points, 30 points lower than I went to A&E with , in the afternoon, my breathing was so bad I returned to A&E and after waiting a number of hours I was admitted, at the moment, I am still on steroids and antibiotics, and slowly improving I hope,

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