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Chest infection with asthma


Hi for the lady who was asking about antibiotics I have been

Ill from December 24th until now I have asthma as well and am still suffering with a bad chest infection 3 sets of tablets later

I bought a nebulizer to help with my asthma as it got that bad

I was struggling to breath and still am when I told the doctor about my nebulizer they told me they wouldn't supply the meds for it so I don't know what to do I'm getting really sick of being ill now anyone got any good advice ?

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I have been on prednisolone5 mg steriods plus DuoResp Spiomax for months my dilemma is I got a wedding to attend coming up I get breathless just walking up any staires

But I dont want to look like a party pooper by not having a maybe a glass of wine (I dont usually drink only socially before all this happened last October 2016)

Could someone advise me on what to do, my husband and all my friends will be toasting the happy couple but im afraid in case something goes wromg and I dont want to spoil the wedding

Thank you in advance

Have a small carton of apple juice with you and quietly put that in a glass.

Thank you for your reply and yes juice I think will be the best thing to do

People I don't know will have to respect my condition x

I can't drink sparkling wine (or sparkling anything) as I get IBS if I do. I also have to be careful of wine because it can trigger problems with my stomach. I usually just ask for water at weddings or other social events and toast with that. I've yet to meet anyone who hasn't been understanding about it. It's the action of toasting that's important I think, not the contents of your glass:-).

Nanny1086 in reply to MaggieHP

Totally agree ,,, just ask at the bar for water or even take a bottle of water in your bag, it's a simple solution to the problem ,

Im on steroid tablets plus pump I go emphasemia ive heard you cant drink with this medication I just hope my friends and people I dont know will respect my wishes by drinking juice

Thank you for replying to me and the advice

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Hi Anne,

Take the necessary medication to enable you to cope with the day and avoid breathlessness. I would ask for a fruit juice with carbonated water to toast the happy couple. Don't worry about what others think, the fact that you are there in your finery and putting on a brave face to celebrate with the happy couple does not make you a party pooper. I'm sure the couple will appreciate that you struggle with the asthma and your medication prevents you from partaking of alcohol! The couple will be thrilled to have you there and not want you to drink alchohol if it would bring on an attack ...

... nobody would thank you if you were to have an attack and need rushing off to the nearest A&E..

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