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Underage users

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Hello everyone,

Just a quick reminder that under HealthUnlocked's Terms of Use (https://healthunlocked.com/policies/terms) children under the age of 16 are prohibited from creating an account and becoming a member of HealthUnlocked.

If you do see anyone posting who appears to be underage, please report them to the HealthUnlocked admin team as they will point them to more appropriate resources and give them guidance on what they can do. It's best not to respond to the user for their own safety, they may not be able to make their own informed judgements on medical advice or control their own medical care safely.

Thanks to all those who have responded in such a helpful way already and to those who have brought the matter to our attention, we really appreciate all of you who make this community the safe and positive place that it is.

Best wishes,

The Asthma UK team

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Thank you for that. I saw a poster on here who stated clearly that she was 13 but still received a number of replies! I think it's dangerous for children to be on an adult site as no one here is trained (officially) in helping a minor and all sorts of problems can arise such as 'grooming'. I presume all children's sites are monitored very carefully.

As you point out anyway the minimum age limit for all HU sites is 16. x


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