Hi everyone hope u well me had my cateract done this week so eye still very sore and weepy feels like I been punched in it and as for the lungs they playing up big time got docs Tuesday so c what he says back. In Rbh in February should the beginning they said seen liver specialist and said I got liver disease through the steroids took blood to make sure not t coming from any more ther part of body what a year it is already like a merigoround well everyone take care and stay safe

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  • Hope you start feeling better soon Tracey xx

  • I hope you feel better soon Tracey.

    God Bless you.

  • Tracey, your eye is sore & weepy from Cateract surgery? That doesn't sound right . Did they do anything else ?

  • It is right and a common problem after surgery of this kind. My brother in law is an eye surgery this amazing life changing operation is his bread and butter. Tracey having a very tough time with her asthma and I hope and pray her asthma stablizes asap.

    My father tells the story of his elderly gran having her cataracts done. Must be over 60 years ago and all she wanted was to read her bible again. She was able and that was then. So has my dad had it done too. A miracle hang in there Tracey on my heart and in my prayers.

  • You poor thing - you have been through so much and you still seem so cheerful. Take very good care of yourself and lots of hugs xxxx

  • Hi thanks guys for the support the other left eye I had done first hasn't helped at all they said it something to do with the stigma in the eye has moved or something and my eye will b blurry and instead of my eye being nice and flat round shape that one isn't it's gone into like a slope said I will need some strong lenses in my glasses now so not to happy about it I told them I keep getting bluryness in it and a dragging feeling so sent me straight for a scan and that is what showed up so i'm hoping the right one going to b better got to go back in 4-6 weeks my asthma not playing fair tonight at all so i'm going to try and get some sleep in between trying to breath so I say gooodnght to u all and thankbu all for the love and support u have giving me

  • I had my first cataract done a month ago and it is wonderful. I can see to cross the road now and I was a bit worried before. Reading is more difficult but some Poundland glasses have sorted that out temporarily. They offered me an appointment for last Friday to get the other one done but we are going to South Goa later this month so I had to postphone the operation until February. It was just as well as I have had a chest infection so would have had to cancel anyway. I'll be fine when I get into the clean, warm air in Goa. Your eye will be better very soon Tracey. The drops are a bit of a nuisance though aren't they?

  • Hi hope urs goes ok yea the drops r a pain and they sting I must hoping this one has gone better than the other one I got byphocalls at the moment. Hope ur chest gets better mine not great today again woke me in the night with it and whey this morning x

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