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How much should I be doing on steroids with c infection

Hi I've not had to take steroids before but have had bad cold for 8 weeks but didn't see doc I have rare wheezes so keep an inhaler but rarely use. This got worse this week and I nearly got admitted to hospital by doc but he decided to give steroids in end. The steroids have reduced wheezing and I'm on antibiotics for chest infection. chest feels empty and cold and hurts, and I feel v weak but should I be doingcstuff to build my strength up? I'm resting today but feel lazy . how should I be looking after myself what should or shouldn't I be doing. Doc gave me no idea as I'm off work on hols till Monday anyway, it was an emergency appt and was v rushed. Any suggestions be soo helpful thankyou

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Hello Lilac good article about steroids on the Asthma UK website:

I would recommend you see your GP if you feel weak and unwell.

Take care xx

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Thank you I've read this and searched other articles but none of them say what you should be doing regards activities whilst recovering and taking the steroid tablets, my wheezing is alot better but am feeling g weak and tired and obviously chest hurts, and I don't want to bring the wheeze on again as it's frightening I live alone. but sitting around feels lazy and boring, but there's no advice I can find online ref this. Thanks for replying xx

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The fact that you are tired should have to do with the infection rather than the steroids, actually they usually speed me up but everybody is different. I don't rest I take my antibiotics and steroids and go to work unless I feel ill.

Do you take them with your breakfast?

How long have you been on them, how many grams?

How long do you have to take them for?

Are you on antibiotics as well?

Do you take your peakflow? What is it like?

The GP should have explained to you all that. I feel you need to ask professional advice if you don't feel well.


Thank you I'm new to this and a bit frightened I think, as my close cousin died from asthma. I don't have anything like the lifelong asthma she had. The visit with the doc seemed very rushed and I felt guilty about making a fuss and rushed out . It was a young locum. He first said I needed to go to hosp then changed his mind. I started started taking steroid prednisolone or something like that? 8 x 5mg yesterday morning and have 5 days worth. I'm on amoxycillin 500g 3 times a day for 7 days. I don't have anything to check my flow? I only generally ever have a wheeze wen allergic to something which is rare. I might ring my doc again then. I feel so tired although wheeze has eased to an occasional one. Thanks for your help I'm going to ring for even a phone call from them to ask , cheers take care xx


Have spoken to my doctor and they were so helpful and I feel alot better about it all, I'm to go back at end of steroid tablets but she said to do stuff and it shouldn't bring the wheeze back on as I'm on the tabs, its the infection I need to be aware of and just don't do too much , thanks for your help.

Also reading stuff on hear makes me realise how many live with it and are used to steroids so it's calming. My cousin avoided doctors and struggled through alot privately and I don't think wanted to accept her condition whereas there's so many on here that take the help and medication regularly,


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Though you are ping stuff, also do take it easy! Your lungs need to recover. I wouldn't do training just yet if I were you.


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