Anyone with osteoarthritis and chronic asthma??

Hello, I've had asthma all my life 54 years and the last year its much more unstable that I can't work. I've recently started uniphyllin after stopping xolair and just on the basic starting dose currently of this.

Does anyone have osteoarthritis with really chronic severe pain restricting their quality of life and this was only diagnosed for me 18 months ago. It's Especially bad in my knees, ankles, hands and neck, all confirmed with mri scans. Also in both knees I have degenerative meniscal tears which is causing me horrendous pain walking up and down stairs and any walking really.

My question :- I've been prescribed morphine liquid and know it's to be careful with respiratory diseases but I need it at times and take the lowest dose usually 10mls daily.

Is anyone else on strong pain medication and what are they and do they affect their asthma symtoms.

Thank you.

I am a nurse so am aware of respiratory depression from opioids but when the pain is so bad what do you do??

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  • Hi there. Although beside the point, I have read that asthma and arthritis are related in so far as they are to do with inflammation and that the modern high calcium/dairy and high omega-6/grains diet may be to blame. I know that NSAIDs and opiates are needed but also supplementation may help: omega-3 fish oils and the right type of magnesium. Also, I think capsicum helps.

    apologies for not answering your question as such. I hope you find relief.

  • Hi Mattie21 sorry to hear your news. Yep I'm in same boat. Advanced osteoarthritis and brittle asthma. Just lost my job 6months ago. I was on morphine patch for 7months now on lidocaine patches for my spine plus capsicum. Patches are 12 to get me thru the night but No good for rest of my joints and in constant dreadful pain still. I suppose it's a balancing act and whether your asthma is unstable and difficult to manage vs pain from arthritis. I also happen to be a nurse.

    Great support from this forum.

  • I want to see the pain management nurse at the GPs surgery but I'm scared she may stop my as required Morphine syrup due to my asthma. I can't bear the pain in my knees and ankles, difficulty walking up and downstairs and feel really depressed with the fact due to my asthma becoming worse they are putting off knee surgery.

    I can't even walk 20ft some days and yes I'm overweight and paid privately for a gastric bypass however the respiratory consultant put me on permanent steroids for two years and I ate all the weight back on.

    I want to see the Dr or nurse re pain relief, I'm prescribed Dihydrocodeine 30mg x 4 daily as Tramadol didn't work at all. I'm also prescribed morphine liquid as required but find I'm needing more than 10mls a day which is 20mg and tbh doesn't help at all. I've recently started uniphyllin sr and on lots of other meds.

    Did anyone find the Drs restrict opioids due to respiratory depression as I'm certain if my pain was managed with strong pain relief I could walk again and lose weight.

    Thanks for listening and sorry for long moan.

  • Hi I'm just back from gp and I'm back on morphine patches on top of all other meds.

    I hear you re quality of life. Mine is none existing. one foot in front of the other is only way. Your not moaning and we all know how you feel. Hugs xx

  • Did they agree to it with your asthma or is your asthma stable. I'm desperate for some longer term pain relief to allow me to walk which I think would help with my asthma walking upright and breathing from the diaphragm, as well as weight loss.

    I might make an appointment with the doctor but I'm scared they'll stop Morphine which is not really advised with asthma. I've been laid in bed most of the day as it crippling to walk downstairs and I often fall which I've done today due to lack of stability. I see the physio but it's monthly on the NHS.

    I think it's time to go, gels don't help, neither did 8 Tramadol a day. Morphine doesn't help at the dose I take which is about 20-25mg daily now.

    Thank you for you reply

  • My asthma is very unstable and was in intensive care four months ago. Discuss it with your asthma nurse or gp. My asthma nurse in the community and in hospital is really nice. I'm lucky in that regard. Tablets don't touch it. Wouldn't touch tradol.

  • Gentle Hugs to you too x thank you

  • Hi Matti I am in a lot of pain too it is due to the steroid treatment we get..they said arthalgia..I have to go to an endocrinologist to see about my adrenal glands..I have great pains in my knees too, I said to myself I am going to end up in a wheel chair! Magnesium certainly helps a lot, they can even inject you with a magnesium cocktail.

  • Thankyou x

  • and vitamin D..I bought the Solgar gels I take 2 a day 800i worth..they have fish oils in them.

  • I take 2 magnesium and vitamin D daily and I have skin that is practically see through, actually it is due to long term periods in Prednisolone and steroids all of my 54 years and topical steroids for eczema.

    Wish I dare make appnt and could get strong patches so I can walk without pain. I've had to stop working a year ago and desperate for stronger pain relief as my quality of life is nil.

  • I am sorry Matti, on my skin I use cicalfate from Avene, a skin repair creme..make that appointment no reason why not.

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