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Help please

I was diagnosed with asthma just over a year ago after suffering for six years with with symptoms where I'm unable to go outside when it's below 10° without becoming very tight chested and coughing constantly. I am taking montelukast, Spiriva and Symbicort smart but the symptoms don't seem to be relieving. Prior to this I had no problems at all with my chest but six years ago I got a chest infection which went on to pneumonia and then pleurisy and that seems to have been what has triggered everything.

Does anyone else suffer like this with the cold as the consultant doesn't seem to be too bothered.

Any advice greatly received many thanks

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Hi Cw70

Sorry you are having a rough time.

Unfortunately cold and winter are a trigger. Why don't you have a chat with the Asthma Uk help line, they will give you very good advice. They have always told me how to go about my bad spells...

Take care and let us know how you are getting on.

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Thankyou for that, I'll let you know. X

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