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Back in again :(

Yesterday brought me another hospital admission to start my new year. I'm gutted I didn't get through to my appointment at the severe asthma clinic on 10th January but at least I stayed home for Christmas!

After a dodgy few days and upping steroids back to 50mg from 40 I knew it was coming. Unfortunately with it being bank holiday I ended up through A and E Resus with a few scary moments when they had the ICU doctors come because they thought I needed to go that way after not responding to treatment. Touch wood I seem to have avoided it.

Also I should praise A and E staff - the department was packed with casualties when I arrived in with no rooms and people being treated on the corridors but they still had me on a nebuliser in a bed and in resus within no more than a minute of check in which is very fast service and definitely shows that in an emergency they get you through.

I'm hopefully seeing my own consultant here today although I've seen the ICU doctors on ward through the night checking on me so hoping for a short stay and home again. It's so frustrating to be in and out so often when this hospital can't do anything to *fix* the situation as it has to be Leeds for that, they can just patch me up to keep me going. Not that I'm not grateful for that lol but after 6 months of this I'm ready for a fix!

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I'm so sorry you've had such a tough time, but happy to hear you got the treatment you needed so promptly. I trust that your stay in hospital will be brief and that you will be able to attend your appointment later this month.

All the best ☺


I truly hope you feel better soon. Glad you managed Christmas at home.


I hope you start to feel better soon.


Thank you all :) yesterday unfortunately before being moved to respiratory ward on the general I was roomed with someone who kept spraying perfume which triggered 5 hours of bad asthma attacks!

In the end i complained and fortunately a bed became free back on respiratory ward so I was very glad to move but very annoyed at the fact that someone would do that when they could see and hear how badly it was affecting someone else!


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