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I have had asthma for 6 months now (it was sudden, mold and excessive chemical changes from postpartum the most likely culprits) and 3 months ago my insurance dropped me. I have been unable to get new insurance, and only have an emergency inhaler. I work part-time and have an attack every day I work. Any strong smells, chemicals, or more-than-leisurely physical activity triggers an attack. I know to avoid as many of my triggers as possible, but I have so many it's difficult! Especially when working triggers one! I cannot financially leave my job. What can I do?!

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  • Hi Rellimlb94

    Have you spoken to your employer about your asthma and things that trigger it maybe they can find you something that doesn't trigger attackso

    You say that you only have a emergency inhaler are you on a preventer as well they are normally only taken morning and evening brown or pink depending on how bad your asthma is mine is white with red writing it called symbycort.

    You should make a appointment with the asthma nurse most doctors surgeries have one they are really good as it is there specialist area

    Good luck

    Loraine x

  • I'm the head server at an individually owned restaurant, so less work is sadly not an option unless I want about half the pay...

    Since I have no insurance, I can't get preventative medicine, and I can't see any doctor unless I want to pay a few hundred :/ I only have the emergency inhaler from going to the er during a really bad attack...

  • Are you in the US? I am wondering as you keep referring to insurance.

  • Yes I am

  • If your employers are understanding you could suggest they swap to fume free cleaning products, etc. they do exist. Is there any way you could appeal/get your insurance sorted, threaten them with bad publicity or something? I don't know how the system works where you are. It really does sound like you need a preventer inhaler & regular medication.

  • It sounds like you are in the US as others have mentioned? If not, then we can advise you on how the Equalties Act can help you even in a small business, plus getting the right treatment for free(ish!); if you're not here though then I'm not really sure what to advise. I know we have a few US posters on here who may be better placed to talk about options. If you are in Britain though let us know.

  • U.S. is correct. I keep forgetting this is a U.K. forum >.< I just haven't found anything for here

  • As far as I am concerned it doesn't matter where you come from. However, people like me are unlikely to understand your insurance issues. This may be a stupid question, but can't Obama care help you out while it still exists? Asthma is serious and you do sound as if you need a steroid inhaler. If insurance drops you, are there no safety nets for serious chronic conditions, such as asthma? Or is that a stupid question?

    I do agree, it sounds as if you need a steroid inhaler. I image all or most of us here have them. They make all the difference for most people. You have to take them all the time, whether you feel well or not. The one you mention, the blue one, is only meant for relief when you worsen for some reason, and here it is said, if you regularly take it more than 3 times weekly, then you are undermedicated, your asthma isn't sufficiently controlled.

  • Sadly the Obama care is for those that make more than me, while medicaid (free insurance) is for those that make less than me. I'm in the middle ground where I either go without, or pay a ton and go without other things (aka car insurance or food). And yes, I could go through emergency services, but I already have a large bill from that and would rather not add them up. And preventative medicine here is a couple hundred for a one month supply..I was honestly kind of hoping someone knew of maybe a "natural" way to at least make it more bearable.

  • To me it sounds a difficult situation. I am sorry I can't help you. ChrissieMons seems to have some ideas, at least.

    Best of luck, and do let us know how you get on!

  • You obviously cannot leave at a moment's notice, but you do need to start applying for other jobs. You should be able to find a helpline that deals with employment law in your state to see what chemicals you can and cannot be exposed to. When you are cleaning, for example, wear a mask.

    this is not much immediate help, I know, but you have to do something. Asthma is very common, so ask around among friends and family to see if you know anyone else with asthma and find out what treatment they get and how they access it. There must be access to health care for those who cannot pay: see if you can find out about that. It was Obama's Great Plan, after all. Above all, act. Do something. Don't be a suffering victim.

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