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Is one puff of blue inhaler usually enough for mild symptoms?

I am in desperate need of cutting down my ventolin before it makes me any worse from refractory bronchospasms. Is 1 puff of blue enough or must it always be 2?

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Hi sorry no one can answer that question apart from your doctor/nurse. There are no medically trained members on here and even if there we no one could advise you over the net.

Why don't you make a list of all the questions you have and make an appointment to see your doctor/respiratory nurse? Then write down the answers so you will remember for the future.


Such an individual thing, they are alternatives to ventolin if it makes you feel unwell, I would go to the walk-in or A&E if you feel poorly. Take carexx


It depends on how you feel. It is perfectly possible to become dependent on the blue inhaler, so that you use it as a panacea; you think it will make you feel better whatever is wrong. Ask yourself if you are just upset or worried or in a bit of a panic over something, rather than focussing on the wheeze. Try other ways of calming yourself - breathing exercises, distraction, or whatever works for you; talk yourself out of your dependence on it. I don't mean give it up altogether, but reduce the number of times you think you need it. It can be done, honest. Takes time, but it is do-able.


When I try not to use it I can only breath well while sitting up in a warm room, and even then I still lose my vision and get headaches and low heart rate :(


Hi, the advice you have been given is really good,

I don't know if you see a asthma nurse but they are good at giving you breathing exercises and as Christie monster says sometimes the breathing exercise sometimes means that you don't need to use you blue inhaler but don't stop your preventer as its important to keep taking that as this helps cut down the number of attacks you have, please see your doctor or asthma nurse before you start cutting down on your medication the last thing you want is to end up in hospital.

Take care

Loraine x


I just discovered something called nonesopnophilic asthma - - an asthma when inhaled steroids don't work and allergies play almost no part. Now I'm scared this is me, because it is the most dangerous asthma to have and remodels airways quickly. How do I present this to my doctor without sounding hypo?


You can use 1 puff. Are you on a preventer that is keeping you well controlled then you would rarely need to use your ventolin.???


I am but all preventers have never helped me in years. I'm scared I have a worse type of asthma non-responsive to steroids.


Could be a possibility but new inhalers are our all the time..New preventers etc.. new guidelines..If steroid resistance is an issue and your asthma is not controlled in maximum preventers you should be seen by a respiratory consultant.


Hi greatgateway ,

I have had asthma since i was 4 years old, I don't know what website you are looking at but stop now, the worst thing to do is look at websites and then worry about things that you most probably don't have,

Have you ever used a nebulizer?

Have you ever been admitted to hospital with your asthma?

What steroid inhalers do you have?

Do you take any tablets for your asthma?

How often do you have a asthma attack?

if you can let me know what medication your gp has prescribed for you , maybe I could help put your mind at ease

Last year I was admitted to hospital 7 times and had type 2 respiratory failure twice and advised if they had to intubate me there was no guarantee that I would come round again

I have had carbon dioxide poisoning and my family were brought brought into hospital as they couldn't get me breathing properly

I am confused about what is really concerning you.

Please let me know what medication your own gp has prescribed and what one is concerning you I will do my best to help you from my own experience.

You will really need to speak to a doctor or asthma nurse

Try and relax and breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Loraine x

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- I have used a nebulizer while at A&E but found them no more effective than my spacer.

- Last year I had a purple combo-inhaler this year I am using Clenil. Never been able to convince my GP to try tablets.

- Unless I have some sort of bronchodilator, even a tiny piece of chocolate, I have constant symptoms of tightness and shortness of breath along with vision loss and headaches from low oxygen. (Pulse oximeter) I don't leave the house because even little times out can make me much worse.

- I do not know if I wheeze because nobody can catch it in the act and I don't what it sounds like. Any 'wheeze' I notics seems to come from the throat but I do not have Vocal Chord Dysfunction.

- Milder symptoms stretch back to a 10 year history like poor sleep, tightness and vision loss, but I didn't realise I had low oxygen until recently. Doctors have always blamed anxiety but medication and extreme psychological intervention has not helped ease symptoms for 6 years. It is extremely hard to get my doctors to co-operate.


Hi greatgateway, If you are not happy with your gp I would change to another,

On my last admission in was tested for sleep apnea and sent home with 24/7 oxygen but I have still to have another sleep apnea test done at some point with the oxygen, im luck as I have a good gp and hospital consultant over the years they have tried several different types of medication and inhalers as I have what my consultant calls difficult to control asthma i have a home nebulizer as well, I know what you mean about the wheezing coming from your throat but when the doctor examines you he should hear from your chest and tell that your chest is tight , I would try writing down your symptoms and when you feel worse like morning and evening is when I feel the worse and I take a maintenance dose of steroids every day.

If you are concerned that the doctor isn't listening to you then I would definitely consider changing doctors,

When you have been in hospital have you had chest xray or ct scan done ,

i don't get out much either but I have seen physio and given breathing exercises and they really help, we are all different and what works for one does not mean that it will work for another.

Good luck, I do hope that you get some help and peace of mind? Try not to get to worked up as stress can make things worse.

Take care

Loraine x


Try 1 puff....and reduce your breathing like buteyko. It makes the medicine works better. I know buteyko breathing helps my asthma symptoms. I don't use my ventolin as much. Let me know if it works for you.


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