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There's a lot of posts lately about prednisolone at the moment so thought I'd share that I'll be starting 2017 on them! And antibiotics. The Doctor told me I sound dreadful. I told her it's OK as my wife says I look dreadful so just aiming for a full house :D

I have that many tablets now in the morning I just put them in a bowl & pour milk on to keep life simple. Anyway, I hope everyone soon feels better & you manage to get some partying done over the next few days :)

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  • Take care Minushabens! Nice to see you are keeping your sense of humour 😂 Have a good time over the new year


  • Thanks & you too!

  • Thanks a lot!!

  • It's great that you've kept your sense of humour.

    I hope you are enjoying all the festivities.

    Take care and have a good New Year.

  • Not how you wanted to see in 2017 I'm sure- trust things soon improve ☺

  • Thank you & hopefully so! I'm actually in much better health after a couple of years seeing the Resp. Consultant, but picked up an infection recently that's triggering the asthma as well.

    Best wishes to you too & hope you have a good new year :)

  • Hi.... I've been on 25mg of pred daily for two years .. not ideal but for me the benifits out weigh any side affects !!

    P.s... I now take 17 tablets daily and 4 inhalers .. lol

    Keep at it, good luck

  • That made me chuckle! Happy 😄 New Year to you

  • Hi i take perdnisalone every day as a maintenance 15mg , at the moment I to have a infection so I am on the higher dose of 4omg as well as antibiotics

    Best wishes for 2027

    Take care

    Loraine x

  • Thanks & a happy new year to you too :)

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