Hoarseness / gargling

Hi all I have had asthma for last 2 years and still struggle to manage it. I feel great at the moment thank god but from end of October to just before smashing have had one infection after another . infection clear now but continue to be hoarse /laryngitis . I dint gargle after using inhalers - what should I use to gargle ? Anyone else have hoarse voice?

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  • The hoarseness might still be a lingering effect of your virus, but yes, you should rinse your mouth after inhaler use. I don't know if anyone does anything particular, but I tend to use whatever is at hand to be honest.

  • Thanks minus havens

  • I gargle with water, clean my teeth and then gargle again with water after using my inhalers:-)

  • Yes you need to rinse and gargle after using your preventer. Not good for your vocal chords..

  • Thank you all for replies and advice - I have not been gargling

    So will do now thank you x

  • i used to gargle with mouth wash but had a bad attack of thrush. not sure if it was to blame but i now only use water, cheaper too.

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