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Need advice please

I am 55. Only had asthma for 2 year's after having bronchitis and pneumonia. Called late onset adult asthma.

Have had a cold and it has gone to my chest. I am coughing muck! As well. Thing is I am not wheezing hardly at all. I had a bad episode in March where I got a chest infection and went to GP who put me on a nebuliser which really helped.

My delemia is when do I know if I am going to need a bit of help or as I'm hardly wheezing shall I wait to see if it goes on its own. Dr also gave me steroids to keep at home to take a course of if I got bad...... I don't know. I use a purple inhaler through a tube twice a day and a blue one as needed. I have used the blue one 4 or five times since yesterday, so not too bad. Any advice very welcome. Thank you. Jane

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In your situation I would try to get a doctor's appointment asap. A cold going on to your chest can cause serious problems if you are asthmatic. Given the time of year you might have to push to get an urgent appointment, but explain that you are asthmatic and you've had a cold that seems to have gone on your chest. If you have a chest infection brewing it needs to be dealt with.

Hope you feel better soon!:-)


Hi generally with a chest infection you cough up yellow or green gunk. If that's the case then see your doctor and get some ab's asap. Leaving it can further damage your lungs.

If ever you feel something isn't right you need to see a doctor. It's much better to be safe than sorry. x


Hi Jane,

Every time I get a.cold it goes to my chest also and I always see the GP and get antibiotics.

You may not need the steroids....depending on your peak flow reading.

You could have a chest infection or bronchitis but whatever you have it needs to be checked out esp as you have asthma



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