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My asthma has been really bad these last couple of days. Wheezing on the inhale, coughing and crackly throat noises. My inhalers do seem to be providing symptom relief, alongside taking an anti histamine but found myself getting really emotional a couple of days ago and crying with fear that it might spiral into a full blown attack (I have never experienced one yet so always fearful that I wouldn't know it until it was too late!). Sometimes I struggle to shake the feeling that I have been misdiagnosed with asthma when it is really a throat issue (have had a nasal Endo which was clear), I wonder if it's further down the windpipe and that the camera couldn't see anything.

I am going to book an appointment with the asthma nurse because I know you should report any worsening if symptoms and check inhaler regime, really annoying that they have stopped working as a preventative.

Does this sound a similar experience to anyone else?

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Hello I also had this condition 15 days ago and I was thinking that it is an asthama attack. I was using my reliever twice dose but all in vein. I went to see my doc and it was a severe chest infection. You should go to see your gp and get antibiotics. Asthama review during this infection is useless because your worse condition's reason might be chest infection not asthama.

Please tell the Doc how you are feeling, he should be able to advise you do that you do not feel so frightened. Remember eveone on here is here to help gentle hugs

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