Piling up meds?

As I was writing to Lisha I remembered an article about doctors piling up meds on patients who didn't have a good inhaling practice.

Respiratory exercises will enhance your lung capacity and teach you the ability to empty out your lungs properly by pulling in your pelvic area.

Also always use an aerochamber.

It has made a big difference to me .and I have severe bronchial asthma as well as a cystic lung disease.

I strongly recommend to ask for referral to a respiratory physio before you start piling on the meds.

Take care over Christmas 🎅🏻🎁✨

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  • I'm glad you made this post as I have good technique and always use an aero chamber/spaced when taking my reliever (my preventer doesn't work with the spacer). I will ask about physio the next time I see my doctor.


    Alisha xx

  • You're welcome Alisha xx

  • By the way try to ask for a preventer that fits I refused the cheap disk and got it changed for the evohaler.

  • I will definitely mention that also. Thanks :) xx

  • You've got a case there. You're welcome 😊 xx

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